Information of Rosacea Treatment

ROSACEA which is pronounced Ros-AY-sha, is a common skin disorder which causes redness on the cheeks and small pimples. The face is very red under this condition. This condition should be treated at the onset. The age group of 30 to 60 is seen to be the most susceptible age group and in need of ROSACEA treatment. The disease affects both men and women but more women are seen to be having the skin disorder, although Rosacea manifests more severely in males. Rosacea definitely affects the patient physically but it is also emotionally and mentally traumatic as it adversely affects the self confidence of the individual.

• The nose, cheeks, forehead and chin tend to become red in colour.
• Small pimples n the face
• Eyes tend to water and become irritable
• Burning and itching sensation
The condition is observed to worsen with exposure to the sun, heat or cold, stress and exercise. Some foods are also seen to add to the severity of the disease. Some patients may even go through a phase of depression or mental trauma as a result of Rosacea.

Treating Rosacea
Rosacea must not be neglected; it should be treated at the initial stages. The intensity of the condition varies from patient to patient, therefore it is very important that the doctor understands the patient’s condition perfectly and prescribes a course of treatment that is best suited for the patient. Expert medical advice, treatment facilities and a reassurance from an experienced doctor would do a lot of good for a Rosacea patient.

The developments in medicine have provided advanced state of the art technology that would help in the treatment of the condition. There is now the VBeam Laser technology which has been proved to be an effective treatment option for Rosacea patients. The VBeam laser technology has a successful track record of over 20 years and has proved to be one of the best courses of treatment for Rosacea. The VBeam Laser technology is found to be a more effective treatment in terms of cost as compared to the Intense Pulse Light treatment.

Rosacea must not be left to heal on its own .It should be treated at the early stages itself. The doctor is the best judge in this case. An experienced doctor backed by the expertise for treating Rosacea would be able to guide the patient as to what mode of treatment to adopt. Rosacea treatment is one that does not affect the life or lifestyle of the patient, in fact most patients are back to work soon after their treatment sessions. A medical institute which specialises in Rosacea treatment and which has a team of doctors who are experienced in the field would be one that can offer a solution to the skin condition, Rosacea.