Informal Wedding Dress

Informal Wedding Dresses

A recent survey shows that more women prefer informal wedding dresses instead of the traditional wedding gown. This is because most of the respondents want something that is comfortable and simple but still look beautiful at the same time.

What makes the informal wedding dress so ideal is the fact that it can be used during any time of the year and in almost any occasion after the vows have been made. Also, it doesn’t cost that much so you can easily purchase it off the rack instead of having this custom made by a seamstress.

The design of the informal wedding dress is different from the formal kind because it does not have to be cathedral length or have a train. The material used is from man made fabric instead of silk which is much more affordable to buy.

Another thing unique about the informal wedding dress to the formal one is that it does not need that many adornments, bells or whistles. You can get one that has a flowery design or in any other color aside from ivory or white.

It can also be backless, sleeveless or strapless. If the wedding is going to be on the beach, you can even add a white sarong to the outfit. This allows you to show off some parts of your body like the arms or the back. You can also show your legs if you decide to choose one that has a short skirt compared to a long one.

The informal wedding dress should be free flowing and this can only happen if it is made from light weight material instead of the heavy fabrics available. It shouldn’t have that many embellishments as well because this adds weight to what you are already wearing making it very uncomfortable.

Having the right accessories should also be something to consider with your informal wedding dress. To go with rest of the outfit, you can wear a hat instead of a veil or have some fresh flowers when you wear your hair down. As for the footwear, you should choose between flip flops or sandals as it would be difficult to wear high heels and walk on uneven terrain. You can also have bracelets and earrings with pearls or gems

The nice thing about informal wedding dresses is the fact that you are not limited to bridal stores. You can buy one even at an outlet store. You can even shop for your perfect outfit online which saves you the trip from driving over to the mall.

Given that churches are not the only place that you can have a wedding these days, there can never be an ideal informal wedding dress. This is because it is dependent on many factors which include the theme, the place where this will be held, the month, your body shape and personal tastes. You just have to put all these things into consideration so you are able to wear the right one on that special day.

So, for those who are getting married real soon, it is still possible for you to have that dream wedding without spending too much money. You just have to find an informal wedding dress for yourself and the rest of the entourage even if you have to work with a shoestring budget.