Inexpensive Mosaics Information

Many individuals are now getting interested in mosaics but not all of them can afford to buy expensive tiles. Well, here’s a solution to your worries. Get a coloring book. You might laugh at this but some simple designs actually come from coloring books.

Why use the images in the book? The images usually contain enough details. Too many details can complicate your work. The image will serve as your map. Texture and shading will soon be added after you’ve glued the tiles. Details which are much smaller that the tile you’re using doesn’t make sense; avoid sketching minute details because the basics are enough.

By looking through coloring books, you can choose among many themes such as historical events, human figures, famous architecture, creatures, etc; the more specific the images, the better. Besides, coloring books are far cheaper than mosaic patterns sold in stores. If you want, you can even make changes with the image or you can combine several images into one mosaic project.

Color should be accented outside the lines and it doesn’t really matter if you make a mistake. You see, in any work of art, little mistakes can create some sort of ‘visual noise’ which makes the whole work more interesting.

Since the image is flat, you need to give it some depth. How will you do this? It’s really simple. Get tiles of the same color but with different shades. Two different colored tiles are enough if you want to minimize the cost of the project.

For those who plan to put their works at a public space or for commission, ask for permission first especially if the image is copyrighted.

Transferring patterns is also easy. As mentioned earlier, you can combine different images from coloring books. You can combine and enlarge these patterns inexpensively.

Ensuring your safety is also vital when you’re doing a mosaic work. For instance, in cutting mosaic tiles and other materials, you need to wear goggles. The same thing should be observed when mixing the grout. Some of the materials are sharp so while you’re working, keep the children away because they might hurt themselves if they play with the sharp mosaic materials. When applying grout, wear a hand glove to prevent skin irritation. The dust from the grout should not be inhaled when mixing, a mask would help preven this from happening. So you see, even when you’re doing a simple mosaic art, you should always ensure your safety.

Some mosaic projects are suited for the outdoors while others should be placed in the indoors. If you’re not that experienced in mosaic, consult an expert. When you go to the hardware store, ask them about the mosaic tiles. They know a great deal about outdoor mosaics and indoor mosaics. If you’re still not convinced, you can always conduct a simple research online.

Ask your local hardware if they have good quality yet affordable mosaic tiles for your chosen project. Their staff will be more than willing to assist you with your needs. Again, two colors are enough to make your work interesting and don’t forget to get at least two shades for the same color. Adding depth to your mosaics can change its overall appearance.

Mosaics can also be inexpensive. Almost every household has a coloring book but if you don’t have any, purchase one now. Choose an interesting design for your mosaic work so that you can put your heart and mind to it. Work on the project slowly but surely.