Industrial Racking And Shelving Solutions

Industrial shelving solutions have to meet varied needs and consequently the solutions are also varied. The list below will indicate some options available. The list is not exhaustive and if you have a requirement that is not quite met by any of these solutions, you might find that a tailor made solution is available.

Cantilever Racks are suitable for long items such as steel beams, pipes, planks etc. Upright stands can accommodate arms that are bolted at desired levels. A line of such stands can then be arranged to desired lengths to store the materials. Materials can be loaded to or unloaded from the racks manually or with forklift trucks.

Gravity Racks utilize the force of gravity to move items using skate wheel conveyors. You can move heavy items comparatively easily along the rack. Flow racks that involve inclined shelves and rollers also utilize gravity to move cartons stored on them. You load cartons from the loading end and they flow to the picking end from where stored items can be picked on a ‘first-in-first-out’ basis.

Drive-in Racks allow forklifts to drive into the rack and pick up the first item that is available. Typically this means a ‘last- in- first- out’ picking and there is no selectivity. However, storage density tends to be high as the racks stock similar sized items that utilize the full rack capacity.

Pick Racks are helpful for viewing and picking small items stored in separate bins. The downward inclined shelves accommodate plastic or other bins that store the items, which tend to move to the front owing to the incline. It is easy to view and pick the items. Large numbers of bins can be accommodated in a rack which can be of different types such as bench, free standing or mobile.

Multi Tier Racks utilize available vertical space by incorporating additional floors which can be accessed through ladders, forklifts or other devices. In addition to utilizing available vertical space fully, this type of rack is ideal for varied types of products. The walkways among racks on all the floors allow manual picking of desired items.

Racks with Extensible Arms allow drawing out the arms that act as dividers and provide a storage facility. An easy to understand example is the towel rack that can be drawn out to expose more towel hangers.

Tailor Made Industrial Shelving Systems are available to store frozen goods, fruits and vegetables, tools, cables (with dispensing facility), sheet metal and such items with specialized storage and handling requirements.

Industrial shelving systems are designed to meet the requirements of the stored materials. Their dimensions, weight, risk of spoilage, desired storage and access modes and other unique factors determine the ideal specifications of relevant storage systems. Additionally industrial space is expensive, and all means of saving space are being constantly explored. In addition to multi-tier racks that utilize vertical space, substantial savings in horizontal space can be achieved by using electrically controlled movable racks that expose only the currently desired aisle.