Indulge In Top Basketball Action With Charlotte Bobcats Tickets

The reason why Charlotte Bobcats tickets are so popular is because the team has already made quite a dent in the basketball court. A relative newcomer to the NBA, the Bobcats have already established themselves as a team that is worth watching.

The Bobcats are based in Charlotte, North Carolina and play their home games at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena. The team plays in the National Basketball Association and is also a part of the Southeast Division and Eastern Conference. The Bobcats have yet to post any titles or championship wins.

A Basketball Baby

In the NBA, the Bobcats could rightly be referred to as the baby of the family, being only three years since its formation in 2004. The Bobcats came at a time when the town of Charlotte had just lost their team the Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans. The Bobcats were born and a number of big bids were made for the team, including one from basketball legend Larry Bird. But history of another kind was made when the bid was given to Michael L. Johnson, who became one of the few African Americans team owners in American professional sports. Soon two other heavyweights became major shareholders in the team- Michael Jordan, another basketball legend and ace rapper and hip-hop star Nelly.

The team name was chosen by way of the ‘Help Name the Team’ drive that drew over 1000 name suggestions. The Bobcats was decided on as it is one of the few natural predators of the area.

A Young Firecracker

After losing their old team, it didn’t take much to encourage local basketball enthusiasts to get their Charlotte Bobcats tickets. The team was a deadly mix of seasoned players and bright young talent. Observers felt that if the team could get a good agenda going on the court, the Bobcats would be a definite force to contend with. The team won their first ever game against the Orlando Magic in a nail-biting finish of 111-100.

Sales of Charlotte Bobcats tickets really shot through the roof after the team brought the powerful Detroit Pistons to their knees in a very close game. But the fans were even more pleased when the Bobcats trounced the New Orleans Hornets in an incredible game that ended with a score of 94-93. They ended the season in 4th place, an enviable record for a team that was just starting out. The Bobcats also clinched the best record in the NBA summer league as well, thus chalking up another reason to buy Charlotte Bobcats tickets.

Recently there have been a number of changes in the management and head office aspect of the team but the Bobcats are still playing in top form. Though they have yet to win any titles, the team has already established themselves as a strong contender and a fighting team that just doesn’t give up, fighting right till the end. This spirit is what has culminated in some really close wins for the team. Don’t miss your chance to watch the Bobcats live in action- contact an authorized online ticket vendor today and find out how you can get your Charlotte Bobcats tickets.