Indications of a Good Nanny

Hiring a nanny is the best option to provide utmost care for your children. It is much more flexible, convenient and safe to provide childcare at your home than at any other out-of-home care centers. Hiring a nanny has become much easier these days with many nanny referral agencies available. With many parents not having enough time to hire a nanny, agencies are aiding them in their process of hiring a nanny. When making sure the nanny you have hired is the best caregiver for your family, follow the guidelines below:

Child feels comfortable and happy
It is obvious that as a parent you will be worried leaving your child alone with the new nanny, however, you can clear your worries if the nanny you have hired is professional and good at her job. A good nanny is more active and maintains fun and lively interaction with your children. She makes every attempt to keep them cheerful. Hence, the child feels comfortable and happy in her company.

Nanny is punctual
A good nanny arrives in time for the work. She informs you in advance if she is coming late or could not come. She may even arrange a substitute to look after the child in her absence. She will be punctual in implementing the activities related to childcare also. For instance, she provides meals for your children and allows them to sleep according to the scheduled timings.

She is reliable and dedicated to her work
It is really important to have a nanny, who is well-involved in childcare with dedication. She prepares herself with some ideas for fun-related activities for the child. She arranges certain crafts, special books, child’s favorite videos and so on to engage them. She also helps you in resolving any problems associated with the child by offering suggestions. She acts accordingly at emergency situations and sees that the child is safe.

Cleanliness of the child and the child’s room
A good nanny does not neglect the health and hygiene of your kid. She always looks after the kids and ensures that they are clean. You should never see your child with untidy clothes or a runny nose. She realizes the importance of maintaining cleanliness and proper hygiene and keeps the child’s room neat and clean. She keeps the bed clean and packs all the toys once the child goes into sleep.

Rare occurrence of accidents
The nanny will always be with the child. She does not leave him or her alone at any cost, both at home or when she takes the child out. For example, she will hold your childÂ’s hand when crossing a street or drives the vehicle carefully when taking the child out. So there are very less chances of occurrence of accidents. A good nanny ensures the safety of the kid and reduces the possibilities of any harm or injuries to your child.

Open to feedback
There are often some situations when you wish to give suggestions or feedback to your nanny. A good nanny is open to your feedback and acts accordingly. She never feels distressed or inferior to the suggestions given and tries to improve her skills if necessary.

Good relation with the parents
The nanny maintains an effective and positive relationship with the parents. She provides you the reports of the daily activities of the child. She engages proper conversation and even communicates the development of your child. She also discusses any problems associated with the child.

Look for these qualities in your nanny at home. If you believe that your nanny is not perfect or if you are looking for a better more effective nanny, approach a reputed and experienced nanny referral agency. They will provide a perfect nanny for your kids with the above mentioned qualities.