Indian Head massage

Indian head massage has evolved from traditional Indian techniques used for thousands of years. It provides Indian families with relaxation and healing on a daily basis, as well as playing a part in rituals such as weddings and births. It is an alternative medicine massage therapy in which the head, neck and Face and facial areas are massaged with the purpose of manipulating energy channels. The goal is to clear blocks in these energy channels that cause a build-up of negative energy that are purported to cause ailments. Head and scalp massage can be used alongside simple meditative techniques to provide a simple and effective way to relax. Indian head massage is especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis.

Indian Head Massage originated as part of regular grooming routines. Indian women used vegetable oils such as coconut, almond, olive and sesame to nourish the hair while promoting circulation through massage. The treatments involves massage, shiatsu and acupressure techniques on upper back, shoulders, arms/hands, neck, scalp and face. This relaxes tense areas but, at the same time, helps to rebalance the energy, clearing any areas of negativity. Indian head massage other used for higher levels of alertness and concentration, improvement of joint mobility, dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles and stimulation and improvement of circulatory and lymphatic systems. If using massage oil, warm it slightly. Always make sure the person getting massaged is relaxed, and aware.

Indian Head massage Benefits

1. Relieves tension and headaches, neck and back pain.

2. Alleviates stress, promotes relaxation a popular massage often requested for general well-being

3. Stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping to remove toxins and boost the immune system.

4. Restoration of the movement of your joints

5. Indian head massage helps to rebalance the energy, clearing any areas of negativity.

6. Easing muscle tension and exciting the normal process of blood circulation.

7. The massage is done without making use of any equipment.