Increasing Sales Numbers In IT Sales Jobs

There are many measures to success for professionals in IT sales. One way to measure success is in positive feedback from customers. Small businesses, universities, and government agencies may provide comments on the great customer service that their sales person provided. As well, the ability to develop repeat business is critical to the success of an IT sales person. Regular customers mean a steady commission rate and good word of mouth to other potential buyers. However, like any other sales field, IT sales people are measured by their sales numbers. Sales numbers include potential clients, clients who purchased one product, and other indicators of a sales person’s success.

The importance of all of these factors in the professional success of an IT sales person means that they need to remain strong. This strength may come in part from a commitment to the product sold or to understanding the needs of customers. However, a complacent IT sales person will never be able to leave their mark on the profession or advance in their field. Increasing sales numbers in IT sales positions requires a more dynamic personality, capable of succeeding in even the most difficult circumstances.

Young professionals and graduates looking to make it in IT sales need to consider several steps toward increasing sales numbers. The first step is to develop an understanding of the various clients in a company’s portfolio. A better understanding of a client’s industrial sector leads to a fuller picture of what type of IT needs they have. For example, a university may be looking to upgrade its public computer lab. IT sales people who look into the IT advancements at other universities can create an attractive package for their client.
As well, IT professionals need to be active in finding new markets. IT companies always seek out new avenues for their equipment and sales people have the most direct contact with people in need of IT wares. As such, any leads that a sales person finds can lead to a gold mine of new business. These leads can be found by speaking with clients, colleagues, or just thinking about areas of need in the general marketplace.

Finally, IT sales people need to develop a connection with their clients. The difference between a sale for a sales person’s company and one for the competition may be the type of connection established during the pitch. The best way to ensure that a deal will be closed with no reservations is to prepare vigorously, understand the client’s needs and goals, and approach the sales pitch like you are having a conversation with a friend you want to help.