Increasing Effectiveness of a Radar Detector

Increasing A Radar Detector’s Effectiveness
No one wants a speeding ticket.

Despite that fact, a lot of people speed. Whether it’s an accident of distraction or a person’s love for the open road and a taste for speed, it just happens.

Heck, finding a person who has never, ever, even once gone a mile or two over the limit – or more – is like hunting down that proverbial needle in a haystack.

Inasmuch, it’s possible for just about any driver anywhere at any time to find themselves on the wrong end of a radar gun. The end result if it happens to be one of those times a driver has edged over the limit is, of course, a costly ticket.

There is no guaranteed way to avoid a speeding ticket unless a driver absolutely never speeds. It’s an odds game, but the more a driver speeds, the more likely he or she will be to get one (or more) tickets over the course of their motoring lifetime.

To help themselves avoid the costs a lot of drivers turn to radar detectors. Unfortunately, a lot of those same drivers think radar detectors are A.) guarantees they won’t get a ticket; and B.) a license to speed. They are neither.

What radar detectors are, in fact, are great tools to help drivers get a heads up about potential speed traps. They serve as early warning devices in a lot of cases and they are fantastic reminders for drivers to slow down and pay attention. They are not, however, miracle workers.

There are some circumstances where no piece of machinery in the world, no matter how complicated and fine tuned, can save a driver from a ticket.

The best way to make a radar detector work in a driver’s favor is to employ its use with smarter driving habits. Speeding is common, but excessive speeds are just plain stupid. A radar detector might just help the driver doing 120 in a 50 avoid a speeding ticket, but they can’t prevent a reckless driving ticket if an accident results.

So, with that in mind, here are some tips to increase the effectiveness of most radar detectors:
* Make sure the unit is properly installed – read the instructions.
* Learn the warning symbols and/or signals for your radar detector.
* Don’t pretend you’re on the Indy track while driving around town, no matter how much fun it is.
* Develop smart, defensive driving techniques.
* Avoid speeding in areas where you know law enforcement runs traps.

A good radar detector can go a long way to help a smart driver avoid a ticket, but it is only a tool. To fully avoid a ticket, some common sense must be coupled with a radar detector’s use.