Increase Breasts Size – Breast Creams for Natural Enlargement

Many women suffer from low self esteem due to small size of the breasts. Breasts of perfect shape and size add to the femininity and sexuality of women, and so most women are turning towards different medical ways for breast enlargement. Sometimes the ads presented by different models and celebrities possessing gorgeous large breasts add to the woes of women with small size breasts compelling them to go for such medical treatments. So instead of getting frustrated one should study the basic reasons for small breast size and then adopt the suitable treatment, and one should not expect miraculous results through these treatments.

There are many reasons for small size of the breasts; sometimes the overall physical structure or the genetic factors are responsible for the breast size. An undernourished body may also have smaller breasts.

Ways for breast enlargement

1. Surgical operations can increase the size of the breasts.

2. Applications of breast massaging creams are also effective in increasing the breast size.

3. Taking some herbal remedies or herbal pills regularly works well in increasing the breast size.

4. Some stretching and bending exercises also helps in enlargement of breasts and maintaining their firmness.

Creams do have wondrous effects in breast enlargement!

Application of creams is the safest option for breast enlargement than the surgical methods of treatment. Though in recent times breast operations involve low risks, still it is scary for many women as it can lead to bleeding due to rupturing of blood vessels and cause infections. Moreover the cost and the pain involved are sometimes unbearable. Considering these factors the breast creams are safer bet.

How do the creams work?

1. These creams act by enhancing the production of prostaglandin hormone naturally that helps in the growth of the breast tissue.

2. Some creams contain the extracts of the Thai herb Pueraria mirifica which contains phyto estrogen almost similar to the female estrogen hormone that promotes the growth of fatty tissues in the breast.

3. In some breast creams nanosomes, a stable oxidation compound is added to the herbal derivative Pueraria mirifica. This helps the cream to penetrate in the innermost layer of the breasts and supply the required nutrients promoting the enhancement and the firmness of the breasts. This type of cream is the latest innovation in medical science with a perfect integration of nanotechnology and natural products.

4. These creams are also enriched with natural vitamins, minerals and extracts of the herb that helps in tightening of the breast skin to give the desired firmness and round shape of the breasts.


The creams should be applied in small amounts and massaged carefully till the cream gets absorbed fully. Massaging the cream alternately in clockwise and anticlockwise direction produces the best results.