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Inbound Marketing Plan to Nullify the Impact of Covid-19

laptop computer on glass-top tableThe onset of the second wave of the pandemic globally has given rise to many questions run in people’s minds. One of the questions that run in the minds of many entrepreneurs is how businesses can thrive in this environment of uncertainty and obstacles? As the COVID-19 has resulted in a significant economic shock.

A lot of things about this pandemic can be stressful, but as a marketer, you should calm the nerves of your prospects.

Through this article, I am going to tell you some insights into the way B2B sales & marketing teams tailor their inbound programs to nullify the impact of Covid-19.

Boost Online Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Sales

You can boost your online prospecting, quality lead generation, and sales with SEO, PPC, etc.

Pay Per Click:

If you don’t have a good ranking on the search engine result page, you may get the word out about your products using Pay Per Click. With the onset of the pandemic, people are consuming more content online, proving to be a sensible route for B2B enterprises.

The other way to try is reaching precisely those audiences who are organically searching the keywords relevant to your business and the people visiting your website.

Quicken Connectivity Using Technology

The current situation has speeded the shopping shift from offline physical stores to online by nearly five years. 

Consumers are now more comfortable with technology than ever, one of the primary reasons being COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing. This new behavior is a prime opportunity for the sales and marketing professionals to leverage conversational marketing.

Use Email Marketing

Email optimization is essential for B2B inbound success, as there is a surge in email marketing in this pandemic. 

Advertisers should look for ways to communicate through email or the information available on the site.

Email marketing tools like an email extractor, email verifier, campaign monitor are invaluable to close deals remotely.

Delight Existing Customers

You can easily retain a customer than getting a new one, but amidst this chaos, even existing customers may tend to get lost. 

By providing existing clients with content addressing the pain points, you can keep your existing customers retained.

Concentrate on Sales and Marketing Alignment

In this new normal pandemic, you have to be informed about spending marketing time and budget. 

When the marketing and sales departments work in conjunction, your inbound program shines. However, it takes time.

B2B marketing and sales professionals should shift their mindsets and methods to thrive with the changing times and technological advancement.

Google Analytics & Google Ads Dashboard

You may refer to the Google Analytics and Google Adwords dashboard to check the drops in traffic – impressions and clicks. With this, you can predict if something is happening and how the decline in conversions will be.

Google My Business

If your business is affected, Google recommends you update business hours and details in your location listings or Google My Business page and let your customers and potential audience stay up to date with your business.