In The Name Of Giving

Let’s put to rest the argument concerning giving, especially with regards to giving money. Many ponder and even go as far as to criticize themselves for not giving money. This argument is an extremely heated one. Is there a middle ground? Can one not give money, if one doesn’t have any? How much is enough? What is a tithe and am I really responsible for paying it?

The reason why the subject of giving money stirs so much negative emotion in so many is the realization that many individuals simply do not wish to give money; while others don’t want to feel obligated in having to give money. Now, this is not the case for a great deal of people, but for many it is a struggle. This is very much a struggle for those souls who want to do the right thing but may suffer subconsciously from money issues stemming from the illusion of not having enough or fear of someone “taking” something from them.

Unfortunately, when people hoard, or feel lack in one area of their lives, more than likely that sense of hoarding permeates all aspects of their lives. Soon those who hoard discover that they carefully monitor minuscule items such as toothpaste, they “cut back” on household and personal needs, and they usually give grief to one of their loved ones because they won’t make the same “cutbacks.”

This rather miserly type of thinking comes from the illusion of lack and a fear of not having enough. Whenever one believes that they don’t have enough then they end up hoarding or trying to make something stretch, holding on to things that have seen their better days, and wanting everyone around them to do the same. These same individuals usually believe that money will last forever if they don’t spend it. However they continuously find themselves in situations where money is always slipping away from them.

Living with the illusion of lack actually causes one to lose or “run out” of what they are trying so desperately to hold on to. But, for goodness sake, there is the Universal Law of giving that states, “what you give out, you receive back in greater measure.

Aspiring to be a giver means never running out, never lacking, and never being in a state of desperation. Being a giver is the direct opposite of hording (holding on, hiding, and putting away). Giving allows you to be in the direct flow of the abundance of the Universe. This flow returns to you all good that you have given. Just as the farmer plants his seeds in the soil, the goodness of the ground always responds, yielding an abundant harvest.

When one hoards, they are sending a message to the Universe saying, “I don’t trust you to supply my needs. This is not enough.” And the Universe says, “You’re wish is my command.”

There are several ways to activate the mighty Law of Giving to operate fully and abundantly in your life. Through the Law of Abundance, which states that it is every individual’s Divine Right to live abundantly, one can begin to live a balanced life of wealth, health, and optimal living. So start today. Look for opportunities to give. Give whatever is needed; whether it is a sincere ear for listening to the troubles of a good friend to giving a large tip to the guy who bagged your groceries at your local market. Give and it shall be given back to you.