In Business The Customer Should Always Be Right

It is true in business as it is in life that people want to feel like they are important. As in the daily rigors of the world, your customers want to know they are #1 first and that, yes, they are always right.

With good customer service your business should never get to the point where the customer feels neglected or abandoned to their needs. They should be able to walk in to your store, visit your website or talk to you on the phone and when the conversation is over their issues have been resolved.

Going above and beyond with good customer service is just a start to making your customers feel important. There are little things you can do and change that would mean the world to your existing customers and ‘customers-to-be’.

Today I want to focus in on how you can change the mindset of your customers by making them feel that they aren’t just buying your product, hiring your service or using your business. This can be done by simply letting the customer know that they are investing in you, your products or services.

This can be handled in a two step process that is basically cost free and very affective. The first part is when you are advertising, whether it is online, in print, on the radio or on television, change the words “buy” and/or “purchase” to “invest”. In other words, if in your ad it says, “Buy our product to help speed up your day”, you could change that to read, “Investing in our product today will help speed up your tomorrow”. You get the point.

You will need to fine tune your ad so that it reads something legible and that the word investing can more fit what it is you are offering. People are more likely to respond if they feel they are making a difference and in this case investing into something that also benefits them.

The second part of this process is to show potential customers how your business, products or services have benefited past customers. These are normally known as testimonials. Testimonials are customer accounts as to how your business, products or services have helped them. If you run an online business you can add a link to your homepage where visitors can click to view the testimonials of past customers. This will give your visitors a chance to read those reviews and help them with their own decision.

If you run a brick and mortar company, you can post the actual written letters by framing them and posting them on a wall. If you are fortunate enough to obtain photos of the customer, post the picture with it. I know at the local landscaping store down the road, this is exactly what they do. Not only do they post the testimonial and picture of the customer, but also photos of the work they have done to back up the testimonial. Show your potential customers that others who were at where they are standing now made the decision to use your service. In doing so they enjoyed what you had to offer so much they wrote to you and expressed their satisfaction. As you can see, testimonials are a great way to help sell yourself through the experience others have had.

As a business owner it is your chance to make your customers feel important. Make them feel that they are treated right and receive the results they were looking for when they first contacted you. This will go a long way when they write a testimonial for you, or feel they are investing in your company.