Improved Balance for Senior Citizens

According to The Centers For Disease Control, fall-related death rates for men and women 65 years and older increased drastically from 1993 to 2003. Dr. Judy Stevens, a doctor and epidemiologist who wrote the article for the CDC on death related falls versus falls resulting in injury says that, “Fall death rates have increased faster than fall injury rates. In large part, this is because people are living longer and many of our seniors now are older and frailer. They need our help to prevent potentially fatal fall injuries”.

It is most important, not only for your health, but for your life, as well, to improve your balance. When you set out to improve your balance will take energy on your part, some time, and specific exercises, but you can do it.

Limiting your activities because you are afraid you will fall and harm yourself won’t facilitate improvement in your balance.

Enhancing your balance will, in turn, assist you to get around more easily as well, because it requires training. You will also feel more at ease with the activities you enjoy and will not feel the need to limit your activities simply because you are anxious that you will fall and harm yourself.

You can adjust this for yourself and you can get started today.

The unsurpassed manner to pick up your balance is by getting out and walking. Yes, that’s it! If you do not take a walk everyday, launch doing so, even if it is only a a very short walk – as long as you are walking. You should consider this a preparation for your legs to be of assistance in
improving your balance. You’ll need to take some steps in order to make this materialize for you.

Develop your stride by ever-increasing it and enhance your walking velocity by testing it and you will soon be feeling better and, more notably, more balanced!

Enhancing your balance can also improve your posture and your well being. It can do a lot for your health, including reducing the risk for unplanned injuries and falls. There are specific exercises that you can accomplish to enhance your balance. It can even enhance your mobility.

Build up your stride by taking larger steps. Set out small by just seeing how long your stride is and then try to enhance on that by taking bigger, longer steps. This will improve the muscles and ligaments in your legs, over and above your joints realize better balance and increased strength. Developing the tempo of your steps is also essential.

If you go for a walk day after day, start timing yourself to see how much time it takes you to march one mile (or whatever distance you normally cover). Time yourself day after day for one week and then

total up the results. Prepare some challenges for yourself in the next week by lowering the time it takes you to walk around the block. If it takes you in the region of thirty minutes to walk one mile, make a goal for the next week to walk that mile in the region of twenty five minutes and so on.

Keep testing yourself gradually and you will see that you can increase the tempo and length of your steps.

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