Improve Your Possibility Consciousness

We are endowed with the power to be, do or have anything we desire. There are absolutely no limits to the heights we can take our life. Whatever it is we want to be or aspire to in life is a very real and absolute probability. Don’t believe it? If you don’t, then that is why you have not achieved it.

Your belief, or lack thereof, in your ability to achieve your dreams is born out of the power of your mind. The mind, in and of itself is not limited. The ego, or decision-making capability of the mind, which is you, has limited itself to varying degrees.

Take two individuals. They are each given a thousand dollars to do whatever they desire. They are free to spend the money how they see fit. They can start a business, take it to Vegas and gamble, spend it on bills or give it away as a gift… anything they desire. It doesn’t really matter except; the one who has dreams, passion and a very clear vision about where he wants life to go will take that money and pave the way to his dream.

The other may decide its not enough, or it may be enough, but he fears he will fail. He focuses his thoughts on the fear of failure. The difference between these individuals is enormous. One has a vision of life as he desires and focuses every fiber of his energy on his vision.

The other also has a vision…. a vision of second guessing himself, is not certain in his direction and fears he will fail. It’s pretty clear, in this very simple example, which will succeed. And the only contributing factor to success, in both examples, is the power of the mind.

In each case, the thousand dollars does not even matter, but the money itself exposes the limits of believing what is possible. The money would make very little difference in either life. Money is not the issue in success. It never is. It’s all about how you perceive yourself. You could give the doubter a million dollars and he will still find a way to lose it.

This power can either take you to the pinnacle of success or bring you down into a pit of despair. This power, or force of nature, in and of itself does not decide nor does it care. This power is neutral, non-judgmental. The power you posses is nothing more than pure energy. How you take this energy and put it to use is completely up to you. But this energy responds to your thoughts. This energy is molded by how you think. This energy manifest itself into the world of physical form only when there has been sufficient focus applied to the desire… or the failure. See yourself succeeding… or failing.

Just like we control and drive our cars, we control and drive this energy in much the same way. You are focused on where you want to go when you drive, and you know without doubt you will arrive. It is very much the same thing with our focus and thoughts. You drive and control energy until you achieve. If you don’t believe it, look at our cities, the structures we have built, the exploration we’ve achieved.

There is no more powerful force in the universe than human consciousness. Imagination, coupled with belief, passion and desire cannot limit or stop whatever it is we want to achieve. Only we can. And if you choose to limit this enormous energy at your disposal, then what does that tell you about yourself? You have made the very powerful decision to limit yourself. Thats how great you are.

We are creators by nature. We are born with desire. It manifest in everything we do. From creating the homes in which we live, to the rockets we ride to the moon. These would not have been possible without first believing we could build and achieve them. Once that belief is firmly planted in your consciousness…. your desire is yours. Your thought will mold that energy into physical form.

You are using this energy everyday whether you’re conscious of it or not. You can drive and focus this energy on worries or on visions of achievement. Your choice, but know that in the process, your paving your future… with dreams or the same old thing. This is your “possibility consciousness.” Write the book that is your life. No one writes it for you. Keep your focus on what you want. That is the secret. Think of nothing more than what it is your desire and marry it with emotion. Use every sense you have to make it very real for you. What does it smell like, feel like, sound like? These are the keys to your manifest destiny. Your focus. Your focus. Your focus.