Impossible Is Nothing

Friend or Foe?

When Jackson was six years old, two big dogs ran after him and tried to bite him. Since then, he’s had a fear of dogs and considers them man’s worst enemy. Bryan, on the other hand, loves dogs and considers his dog a member of his family.

Now the question is, are dogs good or bad? The answer is; they are good in Bryan’s world and bad in Jackson’s world. The same goes for all objects; they aren’t the same for us all, but differ from one person to another.

Don’t Let Someone Fool You

How many times have you feared to do something because others failed to do it?
How many times have you been put down by others without even testing your abilities?
How many times have you taken someone’s reality and made it your own reality?

The main moral behind the story of Jackson and Bryan is to know that everyone has his own reality and that if someone fails to do something, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will fail too!!

If someone told you that this weight is heavy and that you can’t lift it, this doesn’t mean that this is true. It only means that this is his own reality!! He couldn’t lift the weight and so he considered it heavy. But the truth is, it’s only heavy for him and not for you!!

If someone told you that you can’t make more money in this country, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the necessary skills to do it. It only means that he has failed to do so and so is assuming that everyone else will also fail.

If someone told you that its impossible to do something, then all this means is that this person has tried and failed and so considers it impossible, but does this have anything to do with your own chances? Of course not!

Don’t Let Someone Outline Your Reality

Jackson has been trying to convince Bryan that dogs are harmful, but Bryan never believed him because he knew that dogs were only harmful in Jackson’s world.

Now what about you? What do you usually do when someone tells that something is hard or impossible? Do you just believe him without testing it?

Lots of people believe others and allow them to draw the outline for their own realities!! Imagine someone telling you that unemployment is very high and that you can never find a job. If you believed him, you may then stop improving your skills and then fail to find a job!!

Look at what you have just have just fulfilled the false prophecy!! Now what if a friend of yours didn’t find a job and another one didn’t have a successful relationship and a third one didn’t live a happy life? If you take their bad experiences and formed your own reality, what will your own life be like?

Taking one false belief from each person you know is enough to make you the most helpless person ever born!!

mpossible Is Nothing

When someone tells you that something is impossible, tell him that it’s impossible for him and not for you. Tell him that we are not all the same and that god didn’t create us all with equal abilities. Tell him that if he failed to do something then this doesn’t automatically mean that you will fail in doing it too. Tell him that you respect his opinion, but that it’s still his own reality and not yours.