Important Tips On Making Low Fat Lasagna

You want to buy noodle strips in a health food store. There you will find noodle strips that contain whole grains and that are not processes excessively. Using these types of noodles is safe for eating by diabetics. Whenever you eat low fat lasagna, you want to also eat a green salad. Without a salad you will absorb more fat. Fiber in the vegetables will absorb and retain some of the fat in your lasagna, so, eat plenty of salad with your lasagna.

Use vegetables such as green leafy lettuce, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower. You want to eat those vegetables that are high in fiber. The fiber in these vegetables will help you reduce the fat that is absorbed into your body.

Now, instead of any type of meat, you can substitute spinach or another type of spinach type leaf. Here is where you can experiment a little and use different types of leafy greens. Just cook the leafy green with a little water and for only a few minutes or until the green is soft.

Onions and Garlic – Always use fresh onions and garlic and avoid the dehydrated kind. Dehydrated or processed spices have other additives. These additives can be stored as fat. Processed spices have fewer nutrients and are unbalanced food that can cause disease in the long run. Mushrooms should be natural and not from a can.

Salt – For the food that you salt, you should use sea salt. Sea salt contains minerals that regular salt does not and is a natural product. Do use too much salt, since this will cause you to gain weight. Salt in your body attracts water and your body will retain more water than necessary. This is another secret of making low fat lasagna.

Tomato sauce – you can make your own tomato sauce and this is best, but not always possible. When you shop, look for tomato sauce that has no sugar. It is sometimes hard to find, but just look at the different brands until you find one.

For a vegetarian or meat lasagna use your own tomato sauce that you make or from a can that has no sugar. Most every product you buy in a can has sugar and it does don’t buy it. Combine your meat, spices, herbs with a vegetable marinara sauce and this will produce a wild delicious sauce.

The Cheeses you use in this low fat lasagna will determine how low fat this lasagna is. You want to use on block cheese, since this cheese is processed less. Pick low fat cheese for this lasagna. You never want to use the sliced cheeses. These cheeses are processed and have a lot of additives. Using these types of ingredients will reduce the fat in your lasagna. Now you can enjoy eating this lasagna without worrying that you’re going to gain a lot of weight. You don’t have to run the extra mile to get rid of the fat in this low fat lasagna.