Important Pointers On Giving A Psychic Reading

The first thing to know about psychic reading is that it is very difficult for a person to read for themselves. While some people can do this, most cannot as they are influenced by their own needs. I have read for myself with good result.

1. Only ask any question once per reading, the answer you receive will be the correct answer.

2. There is no right way to place the cards for reading. The layout is entirely up to you as the reader, or you may give the person you are reading for an option for layout.

3. You are bringing information to someone who requires your help. The person you have read for has the free will to accept or reject these recommendations. None of this is to be taken lightly.

4. Being a psychic reader does not make you spiritual. You either live your life as a spiritual person or you don’t. It is not a criteria for being psychic but it could make your abilities stronger.

5. When you are doing a psychic reading with Tarot cards you give information on events yet to come there is usually no time frame involved. Time and space are obstacles put in front of us by man and have no place in psychic readings.
6. If you are going to charge for your readings, you should start low and eventually the true price of your gift will be settled upon.

7. With the element of free will, some of your predictions may never come true. The person may have acted to avert a certain outcome.

8. You must never use your psychic abilities to change the outcome of the life of another. They must take such matters into their own hands.

9. You should use any type of tarot deck you feel comfortable with. Whichever you choose should only be used by you and kept wrapped in a silk cloth or scarf. Your vibration should be the primary one. Those being read for will briefly handle your deck, this will only add their vibration for a short period of time.

10. While it is up to the client you are reading for, it is preferable, especially for the psychic reader, not to have others in the room. Their energies tend to become mixed in with those of the client and you may not get an accurate reading. Tape the session and give the tape to the client to take home, the others can hear it then.

11. You are perfectly able to read for someone over the internet and the phone, and give an accurate reading.

12. If you run into a difficult person, you may choose not to read for them, as they do not have the correct mind set to receive answers.

13. You may need a business license if you are charging a fee for your psychic readings. If you ask a donation you usually do not need one. To be on the safe side contact your local county clerks office, they should be able to give you that information.