Important Modeling Terms

Here are a few terms that you can familiarize yourself with as you enter into the fascinating world of modeling:

Advertising – this is a type of photo shoot that’s displayed in mediums like magazines, packaging, and even some billboards.

Advertorial – an advertorial is a form advertising that’s similar to television’s infomercial.

Booker – a modeling agent is also called a booker

Booking – booking is the process of securing a modeling job.

Catalog – a book or pamphlet containing an enumeration of

Closed set – when you’re booked for a nude, partial nude, lingerie modeling job, the set in which you pose is closed off to everyone except you, your photographer, your stylist, and your make up artist.

Comp – this is a short way of saying “composite card,” which are photographs printed on stock card and passed around like business bards

Composit card – this a 5×7 or 6×8 cardstock slip displaying a few photos, model statistics (height, weight, etc.) and the model’s agent contact information. Like the comp card, it’s meant for distribution.

Contract – an agreement to model daily over a twenty to thirty day period

Day rate – this works just like an hourly pay rate except that it’s for an entire day (eight hours between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm)

Editorial – like the advertising shoot, this is a type of photo shoot for magazine ads

Head sheet – this is a poster-sized collection of a particular agent-represented models

Hand book – this is a reference book that displays photos of an agency’s models

Model’s bag – a bag containing equipment for modeling preparation (cosmetics, jewelry, extra clothing, etc.)

On hold – if you’re told that you’re “on hold,” it means that a client has secured rights to work with you within a specific time frame. Holds can be ‘first’ or ‘second.’ A client who has ‘first’ hold of you has more priority (and rights) over your work schedule than a client with ‘second’ hold has. The term, “on ice” means the same thing.

On location – any modeling job that occurs away from your immediate locale or outside is called on location

Overtime – work done in addition to regular working hours

Per Diem – this a the amount of money that you receive for an on location modeling job

Portfolio – a set of photographs collected to be shown to potential modeling agents or clients

Rate – the amount of money received for a particular modeling job

Statistics – a model’s measurements (height, weight, eye color, etc.)

Tearsheets – sheets (gently) torn from publications

Test – if you’re told that you need to show up for a test, it means that you’ll work with a photographer, stylist, or modeling agency for photo shot work

Voucher – this is a release form that allows a client to use your photos and allows you to receive payment for your photos