Importance of Annual Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner

For most of us, the annual maintenance of an air conditioner is an additional expense. We are more likely to neglect it, until there is a problem with the unit. This kind of negligence is what affects the efficiency and life-span of your air conditioning unit.

If one looks at all the benefits offered by a well-maintained air conditioner, one will never ignore it. This article explains to you the importance of an annual maintenance contract for your air conditioner.

Increased efficiency
Do you know that for every year of operation, your air conditioner can lose 5% of its original efficiency? That is, its efficiency to cool the interior of your home or office is reduced with every passing year. You can, however, mitigate this and recover the lost efficiency by having monthly or annual maintenance. Regular HVAC maintenance enables your air conditioner perform at 95% if its original efficiency.

Savings on electric bills
Dust and dirt accumulated in an air conditioner makes it work harder than normal to provide strong even cooling. The harder it works the more energy it consumes. Regular air conditioning tune-ups typically involve cleaning the coils to remove dirt, checking for leaks in the lines, replacing the filter to help the unit run more efficiently using less energy.

Cooling issues
Spring is the best time to schedule your air conditioner’s yearly maintenance as it precedes summer. Annual inspection not only ensures that your unit is in good working condition but also helps you find potential cooling issues ahead of time. You can get your HVAC unit fixed and have a problem-free summer.

Costly AC repairs
Repairing a damaged air conditioner is many times costlier than the regular maintenance. Your air conditioner is more likely to breakdown if it is not maintained properly; it generally happens during summers when the temperature is high and your HVAC unit is working overtime. At that point, fixing your unit costs you more than just repairing – you have to bear that heat too. Thus, timely and proper AC maintenance helps you avoid unforeseen breakdowns and expensive repairs.

With timely and proper AC maintenance, your air conditioner will work efficiently without any issues for a longer period of time. Even air conditioner manufacturers recommend on regular maintenance to keep your warranty intact. They deny the service (if it is in warranty period) if you neglect annual maintenance and thus your warranty can become void.

Annual or regular maintenance of your air conditioner is a sensible idea. It of course may cost you a few extras dollars per year, but it reduces the chance of spending more money on unnecessary costly repairs. More importantly, you will not have to spend many uncomfortable nights (rather days), when your air conditioner is under repair.