Implants for Different Missing Teeth Conditions

Tooth loss can be a life-changing event, regardless of how many teeth are lost. Losing one tooth can alter the appearance of a smile especially if the gap is easily seen when the mouth is opened. Losing a few teeth can make it more difficult to chew on food, to speak, and can cause the smile to become unattractive because of the huge spaces that result from the tooth loss. The loss of all the teeth, on the other hand, can make mealtimes uncomfortable because the gums will take on the role of chewing on food items; the overall appearance is greatly affected as well when all of the teeth go missing.

Dental implants replace the form and function of missing teeth, and can be used regardless of the number of teeth that have been lost. These implants are securely attached to the jawbone through a surgical procedure, and then connected to dental crowns, dental bridge, or dentures to complete the improvement of the smile’s form and function after tooth loss. An implant treatment results in a smile that feels and looks very natural; it can bring back a person’s confidence after suffering from the effects of tooth loss.

A single missing tooth is solved with the use of an implant treatment with a dental crown. The implant is placed on the area of the jaw where the lost tooth used to be, and left to integrate fully with the surrounding tissue during a healing period. The implant can then be attached to a dental crown after the healing period is finished. After the treatment, the space left by the single tooth loss is effectively closed.

The unsightly gap caused by several missing teeth is improved with the help of implants and a dental bridge, which is a series of dental crowns that have the goal of closing the space caused by tooth loss. The implants are embedded into the jawbone in the area where the multiple tooth loss is located; the implants will then be connected to the dental bridge to close the gap caused by several missing teeth, making the smile complete once again.

In cases when all of the teeth are lost, a number of dental implants can be used to restore the normal appearance and function of the smile. A quick and ideal solution to all missing teeth problems is the use of All on 4 Implants, which use just four implants to secure the teeth replacements in a given jaw (the upper or lower jaw, or both). The implants are placed into the jawbone using a minimally-invasive procedure, making it possible for the implants and the teeth restoration to be loaded within the same day.