Implants as Denture Alternatives

Healthy teeth contribute to a beautiful smile. When the healthy teeth are lost due to a variety of reasons, the function and appearance of a smile is greatly affected. Solving the missing teeth problem as soon as possible can help prevent other complications from developing; it can also save a patient from suffering from the embarrassment and discomfort of having a few or all teeth missing.

Dentures are often seen as quick, convenient solutions to missing teeth. This is because the dentures can be created and finished in a short period of time, and then used to replace the form and function of missing teeth. However, removable dentures can cause more problems than benefits in the long run. As tooth root loss is not addressed, the jawbone will continue to deteriorate as time goes by.

Bone deterioration causes the jawbone to become thinner, resulting in loosening of the dentures which once fit very comfortably inside the mouth. The dentures will become ill-fitting and will start to move with even the slightest movement of the mouth when a patient speaks, eats, or even smiles. This concern causes embarrassment to the patient, who may find it difficult to mingle with other people for fear of sudden denture movements. Loose dentures also cause a great deal of pain because they constantly rub against the gums, tongue, and the soft inner cheek part of the mouth. It is common for those with loose dentures to suffer from mouth sores that result from the unwanted friction.

Dental implants offer more secure, longer-lasting alternatives to dentures as missing teeth solutions. The implants are placed directly into the jawbone and takes on the responsibility of stimulating the bone to prevent deterioration. Dental implants securely anchor the teeth replacements, such as dental crowns or a dental bridge, in place since they are embedded directly into the jawbone. An implant treatment effectively puts an end to problems caused by moving teeth restorations, resulting to a confident smile that feels and looks natural.

Dentures can be made more secure with implants. The teeth replacements can be fixed into place using several small implants, which are strategically placed in the jaw to maximise existing bone structure. The fixed bridge will be securely held in place as they are attached to the jawbone through the implants, eliminating problems caused by uncontrollable movement. The implants will also help stop further bone deterioration by stimulating the bone structure.