Images of Soul and Self

Using images, you can visualize the soul and self easier. We all learn in different ways, which some of us can visualize self to discover who we are. On the other hand, some people find it difficult to use images for visualizing self and soul.

For this reason, we all must learn what works best for self. If images are confusing for you, perhaps you can draw mind maps, or visual aids on paper. The goal is to perceive you in full light.

Images form in the mind from past events, experiences and knowledge. By analyzing these images, one can develop a higher insight of self and the soul. Since, the soul is one’s breathe of life, one can see that the soul is you. Now, finding the self isn¬ít as easy as discovering the soul.

Yet, despite the soul is easier to find, it takes a richer development, because the soul is the core, or heart of you. This means you have to imagine your heart. How does your heart feel?

Discovering what is in your heart makes it easy for you to discover self. When you know the heart condition, the messages that transmit to the emotions and mind become clearer.

We all must build a higher sense perception of self, yet it is difficult because advertisement takes us back in the past and into the future. The key to imagining self effectively is to learn how to see what is now. The presence is the key to focusing, which ultimately helps you to develop you as a whole being.

Once you have developed a higher level of consciousness, thus imagining the heart condition becomes easier. You can learn some effective steps in self-development to make your process easy. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to imagine self and the soul. Yoga is another great process that will guide you to higher planes of understanding.

Getting started with meditation:
Step 1: Find a peaceful, quiet environment.
Step 2: Remove all distractions from your environment
Step 3: Recline on your bed, couch, et cetera
Step 4: Close your eyes
Step 5: Imagine your toes
Step 6: Acknowledge the messages streaming from your toes
Step 7: Ask questions, such as how do my toes feel?
Step 8: Notice or recognize the responses from your physiology parts, starting at the toes
Step 9: Move up the length of your body
Step 10: Continue focusing on your bodily functions
Step 11: Notice what these functions are telling you
Step 12: Come up to your chest and notice your breathing patterns
Step 13: Inhale, exhale as you acknowledge the patterns of breathing
Step 14: relax
Step 15: allow your breathing to become natural
Step 16: Now, use your images to embrace your body parts. Visualize each feature and move to accept your body form.
Step 17: Relax
Step 18: Go inside your mind,
Step 19: Analyze self, examine self
Step 20: Picture self in the here and now
Step 21: Continue to stay in the here and now,
Step 22: Notice your awareness

Continue to self-analyze and examine self. You want to practice these procedures often. With each time you acknowledge your actions or responses, you will increase awareness. During the process, your mind may lapse back in time and new images may develop. Instead of running for the border, take a deep breathe and relax. Let the thoughts channel to the presence.

The memories are revealing something to you. Try to learn what the messages are saying without probing heavily into the past. Now, visit the Internet and learn the steps in Yoga that will assist you with discovering soul and self.