I’m A Tenant. How Do I Apply For A Loan?

As the years roll by, it’s a fact that more and more people are using credit to help them to enjoy the finer things in life today that it would otherwise take years to save for. In our parents and certainly in our grandparent¬ís day, this would be quite rare, but for today’s generation, credit is simply part of everyday life and this is something that is unlikely to change much in the future.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, getting a loan is often seen by many as a stressful experience; but it needn’t be. As the numbers of people wanting to borrow money has increased, so has the number of lenders grown to cater for the new emerging market. With new lenders have come simpler and more flexible ways to apply for finance, together with a rich and diverse range of options to enable you to borrow the money you need.

Tenants in particular, have had a difficult time in borrowing money to finance their needs and wants, even with the growing band of lenders in the market looking for their business. Companies looking to lend money in this sector are often struggling to balance the need to lend their capital so that they can make their profits with the risks they face in potential losses incurred from tenants defaulting on their loans. Since the tenant doesn’t own their own property, they can’t secure or guarantee their loan against their home. This means that in the event of a default, the lender cannot recoup their money from the sale of the property on which the tenant loan was secured.

Nevertheless, the numbers of tenant loans completed in recent years has increased enormously. This could also be due in part at least to the rapid explosion of the buy to let market. Investors looking to make a quick and substantial profit have purchased a significant proportion of the available housing stock which has meant that through the action of supply and demand, house prices have soared and this in turn has left more and more people behind and out of the market altogether. These people have now been forced to rent and are therefore part of the growing numbers of tenants in the population. But these tenants, still need money. They still want things like:-

– new cars, motorbikes or caravans,

– holidays,

– weddings, or even to

– consolidate some or all of the credit they already have into a more manageable monthly repayment

Well? Why shouldn’t they? A tenant’s money is as good as anyone else’s and if they can afford the repayments and stick with the programme, they’re just as entitled to a tenant loan as a homeowner is entitled to a secured loan.

It’s a comparatively simple matter to apply however. Many tenants decide to apply right from home – via the internet. There are many online finance brokers providing tenant loans. Find one that you like and that offers a simple enquiry form. Fill in your details and wait for the broker to call and help you with your application. You could have a decision in principle in minutes and all of the necessary paperwork on its way to you in the post on the same day. Some of it may already be pre-completed for you! It’s that simple.

You could have the money in a couple of weeks or even days in some cases. Certainly the world of tenant loans has become easier all around in recent years. So don’t worry. If you want to enjoy some of the nicer things today, enquire about a loan and see how you get on. You may be surprised by what you find.

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