Illustration Design : An Effective Medium Of Communication

To convey message and represent a concept through illustration design like drawing, making photograph of cartoon, mascot, or character are widely accepted by the corporate, publishers and advertisers these days.
There are creative artists and designers who can shape a concept by drawing, painting, or by making photographs. Visualizing something and giving a shape in an artistic way is called illustration design. A story, poem, or information can be portrayed or illustrated by which the subject and the object both touch into the human mind better than in any other form. There are expert cartoon artists who can provide custom cartoons, and cartoon logos designing services. Availing artistic illustration is no more a difficult task as creative artists are there to help us. Whether it is for Australian Illustrators

The multiple roles of Illustration:

Fashion designers make illustration of their conceived design.
For academic books, kidsÂ’ books and for narrating stories, illustrating characters are a good idea that helps conveying the relevant messages
Illustrations are suitable while giving example in which the visuals/graphic art/ drawings of character/cartoon touches the human mind better than a mere textual example
If illustrative characters/cartoons represent the ideas of human expression while establishing brand image or promoting products, will be more appealing and attractive
Illustration designing can be used to motivate and create awareness among the common mass.
Illustration design represents thousands of linguistic words.
Getting attached with the message as well as the emotion can be easily made possible by illustration designing.

Whether it is for print or web medium, illustration attracts visitors and makes them hang on and read on. In case of illustration designing for online purpose, the quality and relevancy makes online visitors encouraged to stay and spend more time with the website. Digital illustration design has successfully met the overwhelming requirement of illustration designing projects.

For making websites more attractive and appealing, you could follow the tips given below:

Keep concentrating on color to design beautiful illustration for websites. Whether it is a graphic illustration design or artistic illustration you need to follow the standard colours of web palette. The colours will give same look in all types of computers and web browsers. Usually for solid colours illustration you should follow 216 colours of the web palette and while using colour blends you should stick to set 256 colours on your screen. Make sure your colour looks attractive. You can opt for another resolution if the existing colour looks unattractive and difficult to distinguish.

In a website the colour combination of illustration in different pages should be suitably matched. Not only ensuring good combination of colours but also matching graphics, masthead, sidebar, buttons, icons, image maps, should be considered carefully while placing and making illustration designing of a website.

The look of an illustration in printed form will be different from web form. If you use digital illustration designing for websites or illustration that displays on the computer screen then you need to be careful while drawing lines. Thick lines help displaying illustration clearly on the computer screen. As the resolution of a computer monitor is much lower than the ink to a printed page, thick lines in the illustration get more visible and clear on the screen of a computer.

Besides getting knowledge of drawing lines and colors there are many things to know in an illustration design. Please contact us to know more about Illustration Design.