Illness and Healing are Just a Thought Away

The opportunities for illness are all around us, twenty four hours a day. So why isn’t everyone sick all the time, why do some people never get sick? Your home is a buffet of germs, bacteria, and viruses and has some of the worst air to breath that you can imagine. So, is it just a good immune system that is keeping you healthy or is it something else?

Yesterday I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work. The checker was stuffed up and so I made a comment about it. In the three or four minutes that I had to talk to her, I should never have started a conversation about health. Most people get offended when I tell them that they don’t have to be sick, that it is in their heads and it is their own will that draws illness to them. I can explain it, but not in a couple of minutes.

She didn’t go along with my short explanation when I told her that illness is triggered by a desire to be sick for some personal reason. She returned that a member of her family died from Cancer. GeesÂ… I really opened up a can of worms here. She said that this man was a very positive person, suggesting of course that positive people should bring immunity from illness. But she did agree that people get sick for “reason.” She was more than likely suggesting religious reasons. Her words were filled with emotion and feeling and I could tell that she didn’t want to hear that this person got terminal cancer because he wanted it.

Reason is created from intelligence, and reason is an explanation of logical events for doing a thing. So she did agree with me inadvertently that a member of her family died of cancer for a reason. So there was intelligence behind the disease, reason, and therefore a will. Now, whose will is it? It is the body that activates the mechanism to allow illness and therefore there has to be a decision made at some level of consciousness for this to happen. This being so, then whose will is it to allow the body to experience illness and why?

These occurrences are not easily understood until one has a higher awareness of who they are. If one understands that the body is not all there is to an individual, and that there is a life force within or of the body, then, one would begin to understand that there has to be some kind of mutual agreement between the body and the life force. There has to be a will or desire for the body to do anything.

You were given dominion (freewill) over the land and anything of it. Viruses, germs, and bacteria are of the land. They co-exist with us in the same time and space and it is our immune system that kills them off daily as they attack our body. So a good healthy immune system would seem to be the answer. However, there are people with highly evolved immune systems that still get sick, and it is our will, (because we have freedom to choose [unconditional love]) at some level of consciousness that determines illness.

I know this intuitively and from personal experience, as I cured myself from a crippling disease at age seven and was the first one to do so. I also lived with a sibling that is a hypochondriac. I tell my personal story and that of my family in first book “Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle”.

Illness is a state of mind and it is within your own personal power to stave of any disease or ailment. Illness is the body’s wake-up-call to the conscious that something is not working in your life. It may be a minor event that has happened recently or a lifetime issue that has not gone away. All illness can be traced back to an event or circumstance in your life. In the story of the checker telling me about her father being a very positive person and someone who would not want to get ill, she simply has made a personal judgment about what her dad wants. Judgment of another person is never accurate because you don’t know what that soul wants. Most often the person does not even know what they want, because they are disconnected from the soul/spirit. Over years many of us become discontented with the way our life is moving and it is a subtle thought that surfaces now and then. Over time we become comfortable with it and allow it to manifest into a wake-up call in the form of an accident or terminal disease.

There are some who would choose disease consciously, but most do it on a subconscious level. Some people mistreat the body or abuse it in a subconscious effort to get the attention that the want and as a personal statement about how they feel. In all these instances, there is personal will to evoke illness, whether it is conscious or not. God does not make people sick, the universe does not make people sick, viruses, germs or bacteria do not make people sick. People invite the experience of illness into their lives for reason.

The really big advantage in knowing this is in the awareness of how illness is manifested and knowing that you do not have to experience illness. If you are not busy blaming others or God for your ailment and take responsibility for it, you can keep it away from you. When sniffles come up, notice them and look back on the last few days, or a week or two and try to notice what is not working for you. Is it your job, a family member that you are at odds with, a spouse, a friend or any other circumstance in your life? Your body is sending you a message, listen!

Majour ailments or accidents often reflect longer term circumstances that have not resolved themselves. It may require lots of reflection or even help or guidance from a life coach or therapist. Know this – the illness will not go away until you have identified the trigger for it and have dealt with it. It may come and go over your lifetime, showing up when you think things are at their best or it may be a series of illnesses or accidents over time. Relationships, families, work, traffic on the way to work, are all triggers that can welcome illness. Many people don’t want to face the reality that a spouse or family member can trigger their illness. Or that a chosen career that is not working out can facilitate illness.

Most all of us use illness to shun the responsibility of making changes, because we feel obligated or morally attached to a circumstance. Or we adopt a wait-and-see approach, hoping someone else will take responsibility or make the changes we want. Even worse, we reason that we are less deserving and illness is the punishment put upon us by God.

If you do not take the responsibility for your life and its circumstances, your body will let you know. Illness and healing are just a thought away.