If Things Are So Bad Why Is a Canadian ABL Facility Business Line Of Credit So Good ? How Asset based Lenders Work

Does it every get easy? It’s probably just us but doesn’t it seem like there’s never a time when there isn’t some major economic turmoil these days that simply add to the constant challenge of being able to be successful in business financing for your firm.

That’s why an ABL facility… a business line of credit from asset based lenders is very much a total breath of fresh air. With the Canadian economy see sawing back and forth between good news and bad news the likelihood of your company getting the business credit it needs is never 100%.So is there a way to improve those odds? We think there is, and it’s an asset based line of credit, the technical term being ABL.

It is somewhat ironic that the asset based lender actually tends to do better in more difficult times – that’s easy to understand because the unique facility it offers has a much higher chance of approval for firms such as yours. And, as always, it’s about the assets, not the ratios. Coupled with the fact that the industry in Canada, relatively speaking is still quite new and somewhat fragmented , well , bottom line, its just seems to get more traction everyday.

Stats in other countries , and we think they are reflective of Canada also , show that 80-90 % of the firms that utilize asset based lending for their business line of credit are in fact small to medium sized corporations . It is sometimes overlooked that some of the biggest corporations in Canada also use this type of financing, abandoning the traditional Canadian chartered bank line of credit.

When we meet with clients to discuss their needs for an ABL facility it’s often necessary to spend a bit of time explaining some of the mis information that exists with this type of facility. That is partly because this type of lending has some subsets, they include receivable financing, and in some cases purchase order financing.

The key benefit of an ABL business line of credit always comes back to one word – ‘ margining ‘. Typically this type of revolving facility margins 90% of receivables and anywhere from 30-75% of inventory, depending on the type of inventory your firm carries/requires.

Additionally, the key difference in the facility is the fact that your business access to working capital and cash flow grows with your needs, pretty well automatically! Now that’s the type of borrowing facility that every business owner dreams about!

So, when the bank is not the solution, (those hoops keep getting more difficult to jump all the time!) and your company is either reluctant or unable to raise additional equity speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on the benefits and requirements for an ABL business line of credit.