If Storage Space Is A Problem, What Options Are Available To You

You might have bought that extra tool that just won’t fit in the shed or a sit on lawnmower, a new high pressure washer or a new bicycle, but have nowhere to store it. It might be that you would like to treat the children by creating a safe play area, or even you just need additional storage, as you’ve outgrown the spare room or attic. You’ve just bought a brand new car and the weather is changing for the worse. You want to work on your car, but it’s too cold outside. If any of these situations sound familiar to you, then there are many different storage solutions available via our website. If you need some additional storage, a work or hobby space, then a concrete garage could be something to consider.

When considering which of the vast number of concrete garages to buy, you should first start to think about how much space you need, as there are many different types of concrete garages from which to choose. First off, the wide variety and style of concrete garages means that you are able to tailor your needs to a vast number of tastes and designs, from single and double Knight garages, large enough to fit one or two cars respectively, to the traditional and very popular Pent concrete store garages; one of the UK’s top-selling concrete buildings, providing the customer with great value for money. If your requirements are for extra storage space only, then why not consider concrete buildings such as a pent shed or a lean-to? We have a vast array of doors, fasciae and windows available and we are able to place doors to your specifications to make your new shed or storage space more comfortable for you. If you require extra space for a new car, then consider buying one of our concrete garages such as a large apex, with space for a car and room to store tools or space to work on your car. You could also choose one of our concrete sectional buildings, such as for times when two cars need space in a garage.

When choosing from a vast number of concrete buildings, your choice could be a lean-to. A lean-to provides you with space that can easily be added on to your home, for your workshop, for storing a car or just for another room in the house. Insurance quotes, generally, reduce upon the use of a garage in which to store your car. A lean-to is an affordable way in which you are able to keep a very close eye upon your pride and joy, protecting it from all weathers and from any mishaps when parking on the road or driveway. Again, there are many different styles to cater to your tastes. We are able to closely match the brickwork of your house, if so required. Browse our website for special offers, such as our Apex and Knight concrete garages, which would fit in with many within your neighbourhood, pushing the value of your property up and reducing the cost of your car insurance at the same time.

You may be working from home and find that your business is taking over your front room. Why not invest in a specialist building, built to your specifications. Perhaps you have a large collection, such as a record collection and you need more space in which to house the collection in an organised way. You may be a builder, looking for a new supplier to ease your construction of building prefabricated concrete buildings. Examples of our work on multi-sectional garages are available on our website. Our concrete sectional buildings are built using specialist techniques, using the latest design and measurement facilities, completely to your specifications and to comply with building regulations. Using prefabrication techniques, we are able to build concrete sectional buildings to your specifications in an affordable and professional manner, with a ten year guarantee on all work completed. Why not contact us to discuss quotations – you may receive an instant quote online or telephone us on the above number to speak to one of our friendly and professional advisors. We are the number one supplier and provider to the domestic and commercial sectors of garages, concrete buildings and concrete sectional buildings.

You may wish to have concrete garages, concrete buildings or concrete sectional buildings built to your specifications. Why not contact us via our telephone number, or request an instant quotation online for more details on our special offers. You are able to call us seven days a week from 8am to 10pm for a free quotation. We will also guarantee to beat any quote, subject to specifications. Delivery and installation is available nationwide. All of our garages come with a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee. Just simply browse through the examples on our comprehensive website to see the professional quality brought to you by our affordable company.

From our latest online and exclusive offers, to beating any quote subject to specifications; with fast nationwide delivery and professional installation available; providing for you a professional yet affordable service; offering a vast range of superbly aesthetic and practical garages and concrete solutions with a large array of designs; from commercial to domestic property, we can offer you a service tailored to your needs. Why not choose GarageQuotes.com as your guiding hand to provide you with the answer to your storage space needs, perhaps a fantastic well-built home for your new office, a gym which is slowly taking over the back room, or even that extra space for you to have peace of mind about the condition and whereabouts of your vehicle. With a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee on all work completed and delivery and installation available, browse through our website for the latest deals.