Ideas On What To Get For Your Anniversary

My best suggestion for you since Feb. comes before Aug. is to do something nice for your wife. Take her to dinner and make sure that you have flowers on your anniversary and during that to her about your idea. Explain to her your plans for Aug. and how you want to renew your vows. This way you have informed her on your anniversary.

The only problem I could see is maybe she would want to do it on her anniversary and the only way to find out is by telling her your secret. You know her best so you should decide do you want to 1. tell her on your anniversary and that is her surprise or second. Just tell her like you have told me and see which she wants to do

Everyone is different, like for me, I would love for you to tell me on our anniversary and do then do the renewal on the cruise. Would give me something to look forward to. However, others that do not like large crowds would probably prefer you just had a small church vow renewal on your anniversary! But like is said it all depends on what the two of you choose to go with. Think about your wife’s personality and then you decide which she would prefer! You have a splendid idea here and "yes" it is okay to do your vow renewal on the cruise instead of doing it on your anniversary.

A vow renewal is not about the date but about two people renewing their love and care for each other.. Besides, you will now have two dates to remember and celebrate, just more flowers for the Mrs! You should even think about sending her flowers just because it is Thursday or because you love her with all your heart.

Usually for any women a year anniversary gift means a lot to them. I mean its been a year since you two have been together. So if she’s saying that maybe something she would like to take with her then maybe earings is a good idea, maybe a necklace, or a ring. Either one I’m sure that she would like. That way she could wear her ring,necklace, or earings and be able to know that you gave it to her for her anniversary. Also the ring I’m not saying like an engagement ring or nothing just a ring something you think that she would like and want to have it with her all the time.

Something like that. If you can’t think of anything that you think she would like then go out and buy her her favorite flowers or something that you think she would like. Something like roses, lilies, or get her a pretty in pink flower arrangement.

It also really depends on what your boyfriend would like. You could make him a photo album which pretty much sums up the last two years with him. You can put pictures, stories of memorable times in your relationship, little pictures of things you both did or like. Like if you both like skiing then find a picture of skiiers and cut it out and put it in the album/journal. You can make him candy which isn’t as hard as you would think it is, or a special meal. You can get him something he really likes. It’s really difficult to tell you cause it all depends on your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is the kind of person that likes to keep things that he knows is from you or is special to him why not try and get him some flowers. I know that that might sound a little funny. But there are a lot of men out there that like to get flowers from there loved ones. It dosen’t have to be something really big. He might end up turning red in the face. Just get him something small.

You could even go over to his house or he could come to your house for a dinner and you could give him the flowers there. That way he won’t feel out of place in a resturant. You can always add fake flowers to the album/journal that would remind him of the place you went together, what the first flower was that he got you, or something along that line.