I Want to Become a Personal Chef

The Factors of “How to Become a Personal Chef”

You might have encountered a survey asking teenagers of what they want to hire in case they have excess money to spend on luxuries. Many answered- a personal chef.

This survey only recognizes the want of people to have people pampering them with palatable foods and delectable menus. And who would not want some leisure, right?

A personal chef is someone who prepares and cooks food specifically for a person who has hired him. It may either be for some special occasions only but other people, who have the many enough, may even hire professional chefs, for the leisure of fine dining right at their houses.

Personal chefs could be compared to old maids who have learned to perfect numerous menus to serve their house. The difference however is that professional chefs have formal education and have attended formal classes and therefore, practical applications of whatever programs they have chose dot attend. Also, personal chefs are hired and are paid according to the degree of mastery they have. But that is difficult to measure really that’s why it is best that they are paid according to the dictates of the present career value and several other factors.

Personal chefs are undoubtedly the personal choices of the clients who hired them. They have the pleasure of preparing and making menus that would suit the tastes of the people they cook for. This is why it is vital that both the chef and the client have some degree of connection when it comes to taste and food choices.

Often, people interchange the jobs of personal chefs and caterers. There are main differences and we would site portions of them here.

For one, caterers are most likely businesspeople who are hired to create beverages, food and service functions on events ranging from intimate family dinner to weddings, parties and conferences. Personal chefs, on the other hand, are paid to cook meals for individual families and in-home food services for dinner parties.

Apart from what we have mentioned here, there are other several factors that determine an excellent personal chef from that of a not-so-good one.

Personal taste
We have earlier mentioned that to be able to satisfy the needs of the client’s taste buds, the personal chef and the client must have some degree of connection in terms of food choices. This might be quite hard to find and it is practically the reason why there are too many occasions where clients change their personal chefs.

Diversity of knowledge
Maybe you like a particular cuisine or maybe you like a particular way of preparing and presenting food. But fixation on a specific cuisine may not be too healthy for both the client and the personal chefs. The knowledge on food diversity is crucial since this would likely give better options for both parties. Therefore, the personal chef must be able to practice and perform several types of cuisines that would satisfy the need for multiplicity of meal choices.

Apart from taste for fine foods, creativity and hygiene, you also need people skills. Whether you like the idea or not, you have to sell yourself to people. To make people recognize your potentiality of giving services to them and your credibility on satisfying their need for well-prepared food. This is why it is important that you practice good attitude towards your client and your assistants.

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