I Want to Become a Pastry Chef

Become a Pastry Chef: Know these Things First

Who does not love pastries? Pastries are all-time favorite desserts. They are the best to be given as gifts. Most people struggle to create pastries but only a few succeed. But how about with the pastry chefs? What are their secrets in creating the best pastries in town? Have it ever occurred to you that you want to become a pastry chef? Read on and be made aware of the aspects that envelop the world of a pastry chef.

Who is a pastry chef?

A patissier or a pastry chef is someone who is based in professional kitchen surroundings. He is naturally skilled with the preparation and creation of desserts, pastries, and some other baked products. The pastry chef works in bakeries, bistros, hotels, and restaurants.

The pastry chef is one of the members of the brigade de cuisine in most professional kitchens and is likewise tagged as the station chef in the pastry department. There are assistants working with the pastry chef.

What are the duties and obligations of the pastry chef?

There are a lot of responsibilities that need to be catered to by the pastry chef. Among of which are ordering, menu planning, and costing. The everyday operations of the establishment obligate the pastry chef to research on new recipes, cooking concepts, and the testing of the newfound recipes. It is the duty of the pastry chef to attend to the advance preparation of several desserts before the dinner begins. The plating of the desert is typically assigned to the Garde manger during the specific time of ordering.

The pastry chef is the one who is in charged with the dessert menu. The dessert menu covers not only the traditional ones but also the dessert beverages, gourmet cheese platters, dessert wines, and many others.

What are the various positions of pastry chefs?

There are many designated positions for the pastry chefs especially within the large food establishments, restaurants, and hotels. The highest so far is the Chef de Cuisine who takes charge of conceptualizing the menu dishes and selects the direction of the foods. The executive chef is a subordinate to the chef de cuisine. He makes the recipes, controls the costs, and does the administrative works. The head chef is involved in smaller food operations. The sous chef ensures that the prepared food passes the standards that have been set up. It is the chef de partie who manages a particular section in the kitchen; the commis chef does the large volume of cooking whereas the apprentice chefs are those that are being trained.

What are the usual activities that the pastry chef executes?

Among the many obligations of the pastry chefs are:

To connive with the other chefs in the establishment regarding the pairing of desserts and menu planning;

To test and evaluate at the same time the dessert recipes and new pastry lineup;

To order the supplies from different vendors or go directly to the growers of the fresh berries and fruits;

Prepare the budget allotment for the department;

Supervise the transition of the chefs and those apprentices; and

Provide the supplementary trainings or educational programs regarding dessert and pastry making.

If you desire to become a pastry chef, you need to be abreast with all these aspects. You could either take up the related courses on Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management or the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management. As you enter the world of the pastry chef, you’ll soon realize how vital you could be in the world of cuisine specialty.

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