I Want It Now!

Do you ever hear yourself thinking “I want it NOW”? When we decide that we really want something, the desire is so strong that often we want it NOW. We don’t want to have to wait for it. So we tell ourselves and we tell the universe, “Okay, I am ready. I want this now.” And then if it doesn’t happen immediately, we might say something like, “Where is it? I am ready. Why isn’t it here yet?”

The problem is that when we want something badly and we want it NOW, it is a good sign that we have gotten attached, i.e., “I have to have it now, and nothing else will do. My happiness and success are dependent on having it now.” That may sound like an exaggeration and you may not use those exact words but that is how people act sometimes. I’ve been there myself on occasion 🙂

And when we are attached, we are tight. And when we are tight, nothing can flow and what we want doesn’t come and then we start focusing on “why isn’t it here yet?”

And when we focus on “why isn’t it here yet,” we are focusing on the fact that it isn’t here, which is what we don’t want.

And we attract what we focus on…. so when we focus on what we don’t want, we get more of what we don’t want – in this case, that it isn’t here yet. Whew, did you get that?

So what is the secret?

One very important key is to notice that you want it NOW, which is a sign of being attached. Take a moment to stop and recognize and accept that. You may also recognize feelings that go with that, such as being disappointed that you have not achieved your goal yet. Once you are at a place of acceptance about where you are, then, you have a choice: a choice to be happy and enjoy your life regardless of when or if this thing ever happens or a choice to remain tight and disappointed and perhaps even angry that what you want isn’t here yet despite all your efforts.

It really is a choice. Because you see, your happiness is not really dependent on this thing. You have made that up. You can choose to enjoy all the other wonderful things in your life and create more wonderful things even if this one particular thing doesn’t happen according to schedule or at all.

Of course, you still want it. You don’t have to give up wanting it. Just choose to enjoy your life anyway. And when you are truly joyful and enjoying your life, you are at the energy level where all things are possible.

So choose to enjoy your life today and make the best of whatever is happening right now.