I Want a New Hairstyle

It doesn’t matter how much you love a hairstyle, sometimes a certain look just won’t work for you. Before diving in to make a drastic styling change, it’s a good idea to consider how it will look and if it’s really something you want.

There are ways to really analyze a look before making the change. The steps involved include:

* The best place to start in picking a new look is by seeing what’s out there. Look in magazines, watch television, look around at co-workers, friends and passersby. If you see a style you like, clip pictures that can show a stylist what you mean.
* Consider your facial type. Hairstyles that look good tend to go well with the face in question. Round faces look better with certain styles and long, thin faces tend to require something entirely different for a look that’s eye catching. Find out what works for you by really examining your facial features.
* Don’t forget hair type, condition. Some looks simply can’t be achieved by certain people. Whether it’s hair texture, color or length that gets in the way, just because one look doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean another equally good look can’t be found.

Once you’ve picked out a look that seems to work with your hair type and facial features, seriously consider the option. Here are a few ideas to make this process more easy:
* Consult with a stylist and see if he or she thinks you can pull off the look. Take advice here – these folks are the experts. If the idea you had in mind is shot down, inquire about suggested alternatives.
* Check out the look on a computer program either with your image imported in or someone with a familiar facial structure. These programs can really make a big difference in finding just the right styles.
* Try the look on for size by trying it out with a wig of similar design. This is a great way to really “see” what a style will look like. It might seem silly, but this kind of playing dress up can save you from a big hair disaster.

Getting a new hairstyle is a fantastic way to bolster self-confidence and just mix things up a bit. But there are some looks that will work for some people and others that are just destined to bomb. Take the time and review the options before making a big change and you’re likely to be happy with the outcome.

Source: https://positivearticles.com