I Remember My Lasik Procedure

I guess I am one of the “old hands” in any Lasik online forum, in that I had my procedure more than three years ago now. I have noticed that most of the posting are from people whose Lasik vision correction was recent and did not go according to plan. I thought I might give my perspective on my Lasik adventure.

First, let me start with my current vision situation, and then work backwards to the point before Lasik where I couldn’t get around without a guide dog (no, just kidding, but it seems like such a different world from where I am now). Three years after Lasik, I have better than 20/20 vision in one eye, and 20/40 in the other eye. For those of you not familiar with Lasik, the procedure does not guarantee that everyone will end up with perfect vision.

Most competent Lasik surgeons will take time to explain what realistic expectations for the surgery are, in that vision is noticeably improved but not guaranteed to remove any dependence on glasses or contacts. My Lasik doctor was very clear on this, but I thought it would be sufficient to be able to look around my kitchen and recognize the pot that I had left on the other side of the room. My doctor said that that expectation was something he could almost guarantee, and much better than that.

Three years after the Lasik procedure, I only have one permanent side effect that I did not have before my Lasik vision correction (in addition to astoundingly better vision, I guess I should add). I do see halos around bright lights at night, but they are not really bothersome, and I have started to consider them rather pretty – kind of like the artificial twinkle TV shows can put in people’s eyes. I am glad that I am one of the more than 90% of Lasik patients who had a very successful procedure and outcome.

For several weeks after the Lasik procedure I had blurry vision when trying to focus on items very close to me (anything closer than maybe six inches, though I don’t remember precisely). I have asked my husband if he remembered me talking about any other post-op problems, such as fluctuating vision or sensitivity to light. Neither he nor I remember many problems after the Lasik procedure, though I did sleep a LOT and used the eye drops exactly as requested.

Sleep is supposed to aid healing, and my Lasik physician recommended me to sleep quite soon after the operation to get a good start on the healing process. I think I took that to an extreme, but I wanted to rest my eyes as much as possible after the Lasik procedure.
I do remember my vision getting a bit blurry after a long day (for a few months after Lasik vision correction) which may have been another reason I though sleep was a great idea.

I have been a poster child for Lasik to my friends and family, and the great results have convinced several others to schedule their own Lasik procedures. As this is the story of my Lasik process, I will let others tell their own stories. I can only say from my perspective that there were few bumps in the road, and I would recommend the Lasik process to anyone interested in improving their vision. One additional comment: choose the best surgeon in your general area, you will be glad you did!

Source: https://positivearticles.com