I Lost the Engagement Ring

What Do You Do If You Lose the Ring?

If you happen to lose the engagement ring, you’re kind of out of luck, aren’t you? Particularly if it was a ring that she selected or if she was expecting the ring right when you bent down on one knee to propose. Well, it’s not the end of the world if you come up empty handed when you ask for your woman’s hand in marriage, but you probably won’t have the happiest of proposals if the ring truly is lost.

First things first- don’t panic. This sort of thing actually happens quite often and you can most likely find it. Perhaps in all of your pre-proposal nervousness you left the little gem on your dresser? Or maybe it’s in the pocket of the coat hanging by the door? Whatever the reason and location, you are sure to find the ring as long as you are patient – and have lost it in a location that does not frequently double as a giant black hole!

After your retrace the steps of your house, look in your car, your office and your friend’s car, if you have still not found the ring, then look again. And again. If after several attempts to retrace your steps have not produced your ring, then there is only one thing left do to: panic. Especially panic if it was an expensive ring.

Being that you might not have intended to tell your would-be fiancé about the engagement, you may not want to tell her that you have lost the ring. Indeed, she will not only be sorry for you, and disappointed, and perhaps lose her faith in your ability to carry small objects, but she will likely know that you were planning to propose. Thus, any surprise element of the engagement will be stricken.

And yet, you will most likely be very sad and even frustrated because you cannot find the ring. Hopefully, you had not been saving for years for the ring, because the loss of it could put your engagement back a few years.

However, keep in mind that most men get insurance on the ring or some sort of warranties. Some warranties will cover lost or stolen rings, but you will pay a hefty price for it. It is highly advised that you purchase an insurance rider for your engagement ring, especially if it will be in your possession for more than a day. The rider is free, up to a certain limit, with many mortgages. Otherwise, you can get insurance only on the ring and agree to pay it for your fiancé, if she accepts.

Having some sort of insurance or security is critical if you are going to sustain your sanity after a lost ring. Your fiancé will also be impressed by your foresight and intelligence!

Source: https://positivearticles.com