i-ELOOP on 2014 Mazda Vehicles

Stop by your local Mazda dealership and discover Mazda’s latest SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY on the 2014 Mazda6 mid-sized sedan. Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology aims to deliver “driving please and outstanding eco-friendly and safety performance to every customer.” Their latest innovation was deemed i-ELOOP, short for intelligent energy loop.

i-ELOOP replaces the traditional electric motor and battery found in most vehicles with an alternator with variable-voltage capabilities. Add in a low-resistance Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) and a DC/DC converter and i-ELOOP can be charged and depleted in mere seconds. Variable voltage capabilities allow i-ELOOP to fluctuate its voltage output from 12V to 15V.

Mazda’s regenerative braking system is different than those of other automakers. i-ELOOP captures the energy immediately after the driver takes off their foot from the accelerator. And the system converts previously wasted kinetic energy into stored energy. This energy is then stored in the EDLC for storage.

The capacitor stores energy as electricity, where a 12V would have stored energy in their chemicals. As a result, the capacitor is able to deliver large amounts of electricity very quickly. With this system, the engine is relieved of its responsibility of producing electricity. The DC/DC converter can then convert the energy to 12V and send this the vehicles electric system, powering things like the audio and climate control.

When i-ELOOP is combined with Mazda’s i-stop start-stop system, the engine can be turned off for longer periods of time in traffic. So in addition to prolonging the life of the 12V battery, the process increases fuel economy up to 10 percent as well.In summary, i-ELOOP is a regenerative braking system that captures the energy when you are not accelerating and then stores that energy in a capacitor. This enables the energy to be used by various electrical devices in your vehicle, without sacrificing horsepower.

While the Mazda6 was introduced with i-ELOOP technology back in 2012, the 2014 Mazda6 is expected to get 40 mpg highway with this system. Though i-ELOOP is not standard on all models, the $30,490 Grand Touring trim comes with the equipment in its GT Technology package. For with a long commute and living on a budget, this technology can save you both money and frustration. The 2014 Mazda6 Grand Touring Sedan is already in dealerships across the country. See your nearest Mazda dealer today to learn more about the 2014 vehicles available with the Mazda i-ELOOP, or visit Mazdausa.com for complete information.