I Don't Like the Engagement Ring

What If I Don’t Like the Ring He Selected?

Nearly every boyfriend has worried about his future-fiancé not like thing engagement ring that he selects for her. Trust that before he has selected and purchased your engagement ring, he has done loads of research into what’s available and what would most closely suit your unique style. Still, if he happens to purchase a ring that does not directly suit your tastes, what should you do?

Before answering this question, it is important to ask yourself two questions: what does this engagement ring mean to me? And will I be happy to wear the ring he selected everyday for the rest of my life? Here is some advice for addressing these two questions:

What does this engagement ring mean to me?

The engagement ring is a symbol of your love. It is a hand-selected token of the bond that the two of you share and will continue to develop for years and years to come.

Will I be happy to wear thins ring everyday for the rest of my life?

You should feel proud to show off your engagement ring – the symbol of your love. Therefore, if you do not feel proud of the engagement ring that your fiancé has selected, chances are good that you will silently resent his selection.

It is better to appreciate the ring and truly love it than to convince yourself that you will be able to someday love the ring simply because it is a symbol of your love. An engagement ring is a symbolic token, but that doesn’t mean that is doesn’t have to be aesthetically attuned to your personal tastes.

If you do not like the engagement ring that your fiancé has selected, by all means, tell him so that you can exchange it for a ring that reflects your tastes and personality better. You can exchange the ring at most places for one that you love.

Broaching the subject of exchanging the ring can be tough. However, your fiancé should most likely bring it up first. If you have recently proposed to your girlfriend, it is important that you open this line of communication. Your new fiancé will not want to hurt your feelings by asking to exchange a ring that you are proud of. Therefore, it is up to you to let her know that if she is not completely happy with the ring, she can exchange it for another.

Source: https://positivearticles.com