I Am a Nurse, Can you Believe it!?

Become an RN or an LPN can be a daunting task, the books are about a mile thick, the lectures are sometimes boring and the study hours can be intense, but is it worth it? Of course! Life as a nurse of can be very good depending on where you work. But the first step is making it through nursing school. A daunting task, but it is very doable, even if you only have a GED.

Depending on which school you attend, before you can be accepted into nursing school, you must complete a core program, generally this will take two years if you take a full load each semester or quarter, if you decide to go summers, then this can be reduced to 1.5 years. At this point the college will evaluate your grades and will notify you of acceptance or rejection from the nursing school at your university.

There are two routes to become a nurse, one is getting an associates in nursing, which will allow you to be an RN, and the other is to apply to nursing school and get a BSN, or Bachelors of Nursing, the former will pay a little less per hour but will get you a job faster. The associates program is generally the same curriculum as the BSN degree but requires a little less schooling and a GPA of a 3.0 or better depending on which university you attend.

Nursing schools generally admit around 100 per class per semester and the competition is intense, so it is a good idea to plan far ahead before you decide to apply so you can get your grades up to par and keep them there. The criteria is strict for entering nursing school because of the competition, just like supply and demand, the more the demand and the less the supply (seats per class) the higher the bar is to get into these colleges.

Pay rates for RN’s with an associate can be as high as 25 per hour, those with a BSN can expect a pay raise. The advantage of going the associates route is a fast education and on floor experience, however it is highly suggested that one continue education to the BSN and even a Master’s of Nursing where pay raises are sure to occur. Even though a BSN will cost considerably more due to the fact that it requires a University degree the payouts are great. Education is something that you will never regret!