Hyundai’s Manual Transmission Vehicles

Sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer screen is boring. When you leave for the day, the vehicle you get into should be nothing short of amazing. Nothing makes a car more fun to drive than a smooth-shifting manual transmission. Hyundai offers a wide variety of models that come with fun-to-drive manual transmissions that won’t break the bank.
Most post-college grads have beaten their first cars into the ground and are desperate for a reliable, yet fun replacement. They’re also in low-paying entry level jobs with student loan payments looming around the corner. To most, this sounds like a rock and a hard place. Enter the Hyundai Accent. The Accent comes with a 140 horse power, 1.6 liter, four-cylinder engine that’s mated to a six speed manual transmission. It’s is available in two body styles: a sporty three-door and practical five-door. Both styles come with fold-down rear seats that make it easy to load everything for your next tailgate or weekend trip.
Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or a weekend in the mountains snowboarding, the compact Hyundai Elantra has you covered. The Elantra is available in stylish sedan, sporty coupe, or practical five-door touring. All Elantra models are available with a buttery-smooth manual transmission and plenty of room to comfortably fit you, your friends, and your gear.
Maybe you’re hoping the cute girl in the office down the hall notices you? Try arriving to work in the sexy Hyundai Veloster. This sporty coupe has a rear hinged door on the passenger side and is sure to turn heads. The Veloster comes with a 138 horse power 1.6 liter, four cylinder engine mated to an exciting six speed stick shift.
Or perhaps you want to show off that your first job pays better than your roommate’s does? Take the Hyundai Genesis Coupe for a spin and you’ll be in love. Available with up to 348 horsepower, 19 inch wheels, LED lights, and a six speed manual transmission. This sports car will not only impress the ladies, but with all that power and style your friends will be green with jealousy.
Your nine to five may be boring, and the student loan payments are probably starting to hit Рboth making you hate adulthood. The solution? Get down to your local Hyundai dealer and treat yourself to one of their affordable, stylish cars. Each of these exciting vehicles is not just fun to drive, but with Hyundai’s unbeatable 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty and legendary quality, they are sensible too. Purchasing a car with such a sensible warranty might just convince your parents that you did more in college than party.