Hypnotize Your Audience With Your Great Wedding Day Speech

You’re getting married and already you are feeling excited, although perhaps a little over-whelmed. You get into that merry-go-round of planning and rehearsals and who to invite, and who not to invite and which invitation to use and when to send it, and you begin to wonder why you didn’t just run away to Timbuktu and get married there instead! But you chose to get married in front of friends and family because these people are the ones who you love and care for and who you want to share your special day with. You want them to see you as you make your vows. You want these witnesses to be there to support you in your marriage, both now and in the future.

I have been to a lot of weddings during the last year, and whilst each was very different, all were very special and I felt privileged to be there with the bridge and groom. One wedding was more formal, an outdoor wedding in the Napa Valley. The next was informal and between a couple who had already been together for 15 years. This one was in the UK. The next was in Prague, in the Town Hall. And the most recent was in Pasadena, outdoors and very unique and modern in the type of ceremony chosen.

No matter what type of wedding you choose, or where you make your vows, there is the inevitable speech to be made. Logically you know that this should not be a burden; it should be a joyous experience, including “thank-yous” to friends and family, and fun anecdotes and warm feelings. But so many wedding day speeches are marred for the maker of them by nerves and apprehension. These nerves are not wanted; they just appear, springing unbidden into the speech givers reality. Sometimes there is just a small sensation of worry in the pit of your stomach; sometimes it is so great you feel physically sick.

When thinking about your wedding speech lots of different things can run through your mind, sometimes as pictures or even movies. You see yourself stumbling over your words, or stalling, or blushing, or shaking…and the more you worry about it the more horrific these movies can become.

STOP! Stop right there. There is no need to have these movies running riot in your mind. You can take control of your thoughts and visualizations with a little bit of guidance. Just take a deep breath and relax. That’s a great starting point. Whenever you feel anxious, you cannot think straight. That’s a known fact. You have to learn to change state and this is easy to do if you learn to use hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and it is easy to learn and easy to use, because it is normal and natural. You pass through hypnosis each night as you go to sleep. That is how normal hypnosis is. You can learn to stop those worries, simply by using a hypnosis download which will guide you in a more positive way of thinking. You know how you want to think, you know that logically. But you need to get that logic into your subconscious mind, the part that feels and acts instinctively. Hypnosis will allow you to do just this; Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind and will enable you to erase those horror movies you saw before and replace them with comfortable new movies instead.

With hypnosis you can easily learn to calm your concerns and appease any apprehension that you feel about your wedding day or about making your wedding speech. Hypnosis will teach you how to keep any worries in check so that all your thoughts and emotions are positive and joyful, just as they should be. You can develop soothing and optimistic sensations which will generate a complete feeling of wellbeing and allow your wedding day – the greatest day of your life – to live long in your memory – for the right reasons.

Hypnosis will help you to not only overcome any anxiety you may have about making your wedding speech, you will also become as good and confident as you can possibly be so that you can enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for your wedding day bliss.