Hypnotic Feminization

Feminization, as the term implies, is the conscious effort to adapt feminine traits. It is trying to transform from male to female through adapting the latter’s behavior, speech, actions among other things. It is a bold expression of breaking gender standards for personal satisfaction.

A typical example of feminization is cross-dressing. This is where men wear women’s clothing and accessorize themselves with feminine things so as to obtain the appearance of a female. It has become a popular practice among transsexuals; especially now that we live in a world with fewer inhibitions.

These individuals dress up in a feminine way so as to gain personal satisfaction, express themselves, gain attention and attract other people. Cross-dressing has become a trend in transsexuals especially during social gatherings and other similar occasions.

A more aggressive practice of feminization is through availing of the expertise of medical experts and the like for actual physical transformation. Some examples are introducing female hormones to the male body so as to allow bodily changes that could make him look more feminine.

Facial feminization is another example where the man undergoes reconstruction usually in the form of surgery to appear more feminine. Another is through having breast implants and similar materials to appear to have breasts. Some transsexuals even have their genitals replaced by that of a female.

Other popular practices are Forced Feminization and Hypnotic feminization. In forced feminization, the male is forced to become feminine in behavior, appearance and acts usually by a female. This is to illustrate and exaggerate a certain form of dominance of the female towards the opposite sex.

Through doing this, there is re-assignment of power which causes personal satisfaction to the one in control. It is a form of role-playing where the shift allows one party or both to fulfill their secret desires even on for a short period of time only. Usually, there is a superficial refusal be the inferior one as he also enjoys the whole feminization act.

Another type is Hypnotic Feminization. This is where a male is hypnotized so as to allow him to reach a superficial level of existence where he gets to enjoy having the traits of a female. While on trance, he experiences appearing, feeling and talking like a female. For more sexually oriented hypnosis, he even gets to experience having female body parts such as the genital as well as breasts. This process enables the subject to fulfill his desires to actually become a female even temporarily.