Hypnosis – Your Questions Answered

Can anyone use Hypnosis?

The short answer to this question is yes of course; anyone can use Hypnosis. However some people find it easier than others to achieve a deep level of hypnosis. Later in the book you will learn how to put yourself into a Hypnotic trance. If you do have difficulty, just stay with it. It’s true what they say, “Practice makes perfect”. Even though Hypnosis is a completely normal state, I am showing you these techniques to teach you how to anchor its power, how to use it when you want, and not just when you use it naturally.

Is Hypnosis dangerous?

As I have mentioned before Hypnosis is a completely natural state. We go into trance regularly on a day to day basis. I don’t consider it to be dangerous whatsoever. You have probably heard stories about people being controlled while under Hypnosis, well I’m afraid that is Hollywood’s interpretations and they have no science to back them up. Certainly Hypnosis is extremely successful, but only in getting you what you want. You can’t be made in Hypnosis to do anything that you don’t want to and you will feel completely comfortable the whole time. However there is practical measures that you need to keep in mind. Obviously if you practice Hypnosis in the car while driving with your eyes shut, then you might have a problem. Actually it is not a good idea at all to listen to your recordings while driving.

What if I don’t wake up?

Hypnosis is a completely ordinary and regular state and it cannot hold you against your will. If you were to go so deep as to enter a truly deep trance state, you would basically go into natural sleep and wake up when you were ready to do so. It is not possible for anyone to be `left or stuck` in hypnosis. During your practice time, if there were an emergency or something that needed your attention, you could easily awaken yourself at any time and simply stop.

What will it feel like?

It is an exclusive experience! Trance is a natural state that is comparable to that feeling you get prior to you falling asleep at night. When you wake up, you feel invigorated and rejuvenated as though you have had a long sleep. You just feel as if you are relaxing in a very contented space with your eyes closed. You can pay attention to everything, the sounds outside the building, a car going down the street outside, whatever. You have full awareness the whole time, conscious of everything going on around you as well as what your sub-conscious is revealing to you. I compare it to watching television in one room while a radio is on in another; you can transfer your awareness back and forth switching between the two, absorbed in one but still conscious of the other.

How does Hypnosis differ from meditation?

In meditation you do enter a trance; however you just go with the flow and have little or no control over your experience. Hypnosis manipulates this trance state. You get to choose how deep you want to go and what you want to achieve while you are there. With Hypnosis you guide yourself all the way through and remain in complete control.

How will I know that I have been in Trance?

You will have to trust me on this one as everyone’s experience of trance is different. If you are ever able to watch somebody go into trance then you will notice that their whole face seems to change. They look so relaxed and almost like they are a different person. Unfortunately you can not see this on yourself when you are in trance. You probably also will not be bothered to notice what you body feels like as your conscious mind will be somewhere else, almost feeling dissociated from you body. You will notice that it will be possibly the most relaxed that you have ever been before. You will also know because of the results that you get. If you are using Hypnosis for a specific issue, you should notice improvements, obviously if it has improved then you have been in trance. Do not expect all bells and whistles because as I keep saying this is natural and you have experienced it thousands of times before. So just read, learn, relax and enjoy!

When should I practice?

Personally I like to practice in the morning as this fits best into my day and also as it is such a powerful tool that it is great to help you plan your day! However you can practice when you wish, but it is a good idea to set a time and stick to it. Once you have been practicing regularly you will soon notice how quickly that it fits into your day to day routine and the more you practice then the more you will enjoy amazing results.

How long should I practice for?

Quality of time is more imperative than duration of time. Set aside some nominated time when you won’t be bothered by anyone or anything, 15 to 20 minutes a day as a guide. Keep in mind that time spent committed to self-hypnosis is time invested in yourself to make constructive self-change, so practice frequently. Also, as you become more experienced you may find that you need a lesser amount of time.

How long does it take to get results with Hypnosis?

The answer to this question is that it depends. Using Hypnosis certainly speeds up the process of change and also makes that change much more successful. However it does depend on how much work and time that you put in. The other key factor is the issue that you are dealing with. With a little time you will be able to work through most issues, however with some you may need to seek professional help from a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.