Hypnosis, Shmypnosis, I’d Rather Nap

What’s that Churchill quote? “There’s nothing like golf to ruin a great walk.” A wonderful line, isn’t it? Golfer or not, we know exactly what he meant.

Sometimes you just want to rest your mind, stretch your legs, and take things in without having to do anything.

Not try hard. Not give it your best. Not raise the bar for yourself or anyone else. Not suffer the consequences of a poor showing. Or even the exhaustion of a good showing, taking in all the congratulatory nods, smiles, and backslaps.

There’s a lot to be said for giving body and mind a chance to just chill.

– Do I Have To Do More?-

Some of my clients mention this when they come in for a hypnosis session. Especially the ones who come often. Once in a while someone will just say, “Let’s not work on anything today, okay?” or even more directly: “So now that I’m doing great, do have to do even better?”

Honestly, the answer is no. You get to hang out, rest and celebrate if that’s what you prefer.

“How about for this session you just get me to relax?” they ask.

So I do, only a very little reluctantly.

But is it possible that helping someone just relax is truly the greatest gift of all?

– Sometimes More Is Less-

When I started my practice about 10 years ago, I thought that just relaxing in the hypnotic state was a waste of time and the client’s money. I thought: why not relax AND let your subconscious mind work on something that’s important to you while you relax?

Often I said as much.

Sometimes they agreed—but not without a sigh.

I was a young whippersnapper then without many responsibilities, and it seemed that relaxing while making internal change was a great way to multi-task. And it is.

But sometimes even knowing that some internal work is going on that can—perhaps should (you know all about those “shoulds,” don’t you?)—and probably will result in change…is exhausting. Because it implies that some part of you needs to be doing something and that still more change is afoot.

And even if change happens hypnotically and seemingly without effort, well, change is still change.

Comments will be made: “Why Sheila, you look so good now that you’ve lost that weight. Bet you’ve bought a whole new wardrobe!” “Bob, you looked good out there today—who’s coaching you?” “Dave, you really impressed the client today, when are they moving you up to SVP?”

Now that you’ve reached beyond, there’s an expectation that you’ll reach even beyond that.


– Rest On Your Laurels And Take A Snooze-

I’ve come to understand the value of sitting back and appreciating where you’re at now, without thinking about the next step and how to get there. If you never get time to appreciate the pleasure of your change, what reward is there in going further?

My clients have taught me that, and it’s in their honor that I created a new hypnosis session I call “That Marvelous Mental Massage(sm),” a 90-minute session that does nothing but create deep relaxation in mind and body.

But here’s the funny thing.

When I first introduced it, it was a package of two sessions. The second was a lesson in self hypnosis to learn the do-it-yourself technique.

Well, a few vocal clients set me straight about that. © 2008 by Wendy Lapidus-Saltz. All rights reserved.