Hypnosis Session Suggestibility

The suggestibility to hypnosis session varies from one person to another. Some people have a tiny capacity, whereas some have a great talent for hypnosis. The majority is in between. This talent for being susceptible to hypnosis can be compared to that of drawing, for example.

Many researchers of hypnotism generally consider the hypnosis talent to be a fixed trait. However, in clinical practice it recently became evident that a person can amplify his or her ability to go under hypnosis. This can be compared to drawing, for example, where practice makes you a better and more skillful drawer. Very few people possess an extreme talent for being susceptible to hypnosis session. These people make execellent subjects for stage hypnosis and display abilities the rest of us can only dream of.

A suggestibility test is a test used to asses the suggestibility of a subject. Everybody in posession of a sound mind and intelligence can be hypnotized. But, not everybody can be hypnotized at the speed which is necessary for the entertainment value of a stage hypnosis. Now, this is where the hypnosis session suggestibility test comes in. The suggestibility tests vary from hand magnet tests to fall back tests and different hypnotists use different tests to assess the suggestibility of the subject during the hypnosis session.

People with developed imagination are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. Thus, artists, musicians and poets are probably the best hypnosis subjects. There are very tangible reasons for this, the prominent being the fact that those in the creative world experience greater accessibility to the subconscious owing to the nature of their greater sensitivity to internal and external impressions.

Children are also great hypnosis subjects. Since they accept orders from their parents and other grown-ups, they respond to hypnosis suggestions without questioning.

Logically enough, soldiers also make great hypnosis subjects owing to the aforementioned reasons. They are also conditioned to obey orders of their lieutenants or sergeant without questioning.

The job of the hypnotist would be much easier if all the people were susceptible to hypnosis session to the same extent as the aforementioned categories. This way, we would have a vast gallery of people to practice and research on.