Hypnosis: Making Your Pregnancy Easier

Being pregnant is a source of much excitement, but it also inevitably produces a certain amount of fear. A mum to be can become afraid of many things, ranging from worries as to the babies health and well being to fear of how she will cope with pain in childbirth or whether she will be a good mum. There are multiple things which can build into a great big source of fear.

On the other side of the coin, every mum knows that this is a natural process. Your body is designed to play host to your babies and to give birth to them. Arguably, there is nothing more natural and normal than this process.

We know that hormones change around and get a good shake up when you are pregnant and that this has an inevitable impact upon your normal mood and temperament; and quite aside from this it is only natural to feel more protective and vulnerable whilst pregnant. Your body and your mind both know that something different, something very important and special, is happening. You are no longer just responsible for you. Responsibility goes hand in hand with a sense of pressure to perform; and can lead you to worry about “doing things the right way”.

And then there’s a matter of self image and self confidence. Some women love their pregnant bodies; others are not so keen about their larger image. There’s also the question of juggling work and being a mum or making a decision as to what is best to do. There are many mental adjustments to be made, as this time of change and transition are adapted to.

You can feel very isolated and alone at times during this process. You know that loads of other women have been there, but emotionally you can feel that it is “just you”. Throughout all of these myriad worries and fears relating to pregnancy and child birth, every mum has to learn to focus her mind on the best results, the best outcomes. She has to learn to turn her face away from these fears and to focus instead on the normality of pregnancy and the excitement of change.

If she does not learn to do this, she will spend her pregnancy swamped by a feeling of fear, and this is not good for her or the baby. Sometimes a little help is needed to help keep your focus upon the positive aspects of pregnancy. Everyone is different, but everyone can benefit from as much positive emotional support as possible.

This support can be found in many quarters. Your partner, family and friends are there for you, as are your medical team. But what can you do yourself to help make your pregnancy easier and to reduce your perception of pain in childbirth? Pregnancy hypnosis is something which you can use easily at home simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3.

A lot of research has been carried out regarding hypnosis and various aspects of pregnancy and it has been shown to be extremely beneficial. You can use hypnosis to boost your self-mage and self esteem, you can mentally prepare for all of the adjustments you have to make, both physical and mental ones. Hypnosis is also a very effective way in which you can reduce perception of pain and therefore make the birth quicker and easier for you and your baby.

Pregnancy hypnosis is natural and normal and easy to use. It can help you in many different ways throughout your pregnancy.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for pregnancy and childbirth.

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