Hypnosis in the Most Sensitive of Spots!

When it comes to intimacy, there can be times when getting close to someone, even if you have been intimate for years, carries a bit of anxiety along with the engagement. Maybe there has been a huge body change, a time span between acts of intimacy or no significant event at all. When intimacy issues cause that tiny bit of anxiety, the mind can turn off the sensual organs for both men and women.

Sensuality goes hand in hand with sexuality. The mind, body and soul are the triad of sexual pleasure and without a conjoined triangle, the event will fall short for one or both parties involved. While sexual troubles are common in singles, dating and married couples, dealing with these troubles does not have to be a major event and hypnosis for sex issues can help. But, before discussing a treatment strategy, let’s look at some common misunderstandings regarding sex.

• Both parties do not have to climax. For some reason, the act of sex needs to end in climax for both parties in many relationships. This need for climax can cause mental anxiety that will only harbour the chances of reaching that climax. For men, feeling the need to ejaculate may cause erectile dysfunctions such as the inability to maintain an erection. For women, the need to orgasm can literally shut the clitoris off like a light switch.

• Sex does not have to be a tag team event. Just because your partner performs oral sex on you, does not mean you have to return the favour. Once an act moves from spontaneous to a thank you event, the pleasure is gone and the chance of sexual problems is born.

When it comes to treating sexual problems with hypnosis, the art of the hypnotic methods comes into play in both the treatment session and the bedroom. Hypnosis is a reconnection of the conscious with the subconscious and many sexual problems are related to problems that are not evident to the partners in a relationship. Causes for sexual dysfunction that can be treated with hypnosis for sex issues include:

• Body image concerns.

• Performance anxiety.

• Issues with penal size.

• Issues with previous sexual events.

Once the partners in a relationship begin hypnosis treatments, the core issues related to the sex issues can be resolved and the couple can move through the stage of troubles and back into the stage of sexual connection. In order to make the most of hypnosis for sex issues, both partners should take part in the hypnosis treatments and learn the core issues of the problems and release those problems from the subconscious.

At home, couples can also work through sex issues using the methods of hypnosis and mind control. By utilizing deep breathing, positive thinking and an open method of communication about sexual needs and desires, a couple will be able to learn more about each other and grow closer as both a sexual and nonsexual set of partners.

Hypnosis for sex issues is a drug free, natural way to come to terms with the issues that haunt the bedroom activities. With a careful stepped program, these issues can be revealed, dealt with and removed from the most intimate times in a couple’s life. No matter the nature of the issues, the mind can heal and with a little guidance, any and all sex issues causing angst in the bedroom can be resolved. Hypnosis is a couple’s event just as sex is a couple’s event. When entering into hypnosis for sex issues, an open mind and a need for relief from the innermost issues tainting your sexuality will provide the firm basis needed for complete resolution.