Hypnosis in Golf – Part 2

NINETY percent of golf is in the mind. If you feel confident when you swing the club, the ball is much more likely to respond as desired. If you choose an EXACT target for your shot, the ball is much more likely to travel in that direction. If you visualize the trajectory of your shot, again the ball is much more likely to fly in a similar way, and so on.

On the flip side, if you don’t choose an exact target, how can your mind direct your body to swing the golf club so the ball travels in the right direction? If you don’t decide in your mind where the ball is going, how can you impart the correct information to the ball at impact with the clubface? If you are thinking “I don’t like this club” how relaxed and confident is your golf swing going to be?

I know what you’re going to say now. “But I don’t feel confident with that club” or some variation of “this is how I am”. And if that’s how you’re thinking, nothing will change. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. You have to feel confident in order to hit the ball well; and you have to hit the ball well in order to feel confident. Or do you?

What causes a lack of confidence? Is it a fear that the ball is not going where you want it to go, or a fear of making a fool of yourself, or a fear that your swing needs to be fixed? We’re not born with fear. Fear is learned…and therefore can be unlearned. The question is “how?”

First, stop thinking that your golf swing needs to be fixed; it’s just fine. Just look at all the professionals on TV and you won’t see two same swings. If you topped the ball on the last shot, you topped it. If you hit it fat, you got under it too much. These are relevant facts which provide feedback to you which enable you to adjust your next swing accordingly. Your entire swing doesn’t need fixing.

Secondly, having emptied your mind of irrelevant “swing needs to be fixed” thoughts, you can use your mind to create a feeling of confidence. Think confident thoughts and you’ll feel confident. Everything in life starts with a thought. Thoughts create your emotions which direct your actions. Just by consciously choosing to direct your thoughts in this way you will reap great rewards. However, if you really want to appreciate the full power of your mind in golf, hypnosis is the way to go.

The use of golf hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind, the part that knows just what to do, just how to do it, the part that acts automatically and spontaneously. Your conscious mind thinks whilst your subconscious mind acts automatically. Golf hypnosis will allow you to access your automatic thought patterns and to change them. Many people don’t even know the thought processes which are embedded in their subconscious mind; all they know is how they feel and how they act, without knowing why. And in golf, as with everything in life, awareness precedes choice which precedes change.

With the help of golf hypnosis cds or hypnosis downloads, you can become aware of and empty your conscious and subconscious mind of confidence destroying thoughts. You can also direct your automatic thought patterns in a way that you desire. You can make suggestions to instill yourself with hypnosis confidence; you can learn to visualize clearly the results you want to happen, so that when you go out on the golf course you have an instinctive feeling of confidence and an expectation that the ball is going to end up in the right place. And, seeing as hypnosis is in itself a state of relaxation at one with a state of heightened awareness, you can learn to relax and focus at will whilst on the golf course.

How can a golfer who cares about his or her golf afford to NOT use golf hypnosis? How can you not WANT to be hypnotized? How can the state of hypnosis mean you’re not in control? Take one look at Tiger and ask does he seem in control or not?

Why not spend some time focusing upon your golf mind? You can learn how to change your habitual thoughts with the help of hypnosis downloads. Why do you think the professionals use golf hypnosis? They use golf hypnosis because it works; hypnosis downloads can be used to get you to focus, to stay in the now, to visualize a great swing and to have greater feel. You can use golf hypnosis downloads to help you to play the golf of your dreams.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis cds and hypnosis mp3 downloads.