Hypnosis in Golf – Part 1

Golfers of all standards are recognizing that hypnosis does work. There is more to it than the stereotypical stage hypnotist who wears flowing robes, has a goatee and makes usually sensible people cluck like chickens, or do rather more embarrassing deeds whilst under his “spell”.

A lot of people are afraid of hypnosis, but this is usually due to lack of knowledge. They’ve seen a stage show and think “I’m not going there” or “you couldn’t do that to me”. There is a natural fear of losing control, and a secondary fear that maybe you can’t be hypnotized – that it takes a certain type of person to be hypnotized. Everyone can be hypnotized, so long as you want to be. You pass through hypnosis every time you go to sleep and every time you wake up – it’s the dreamlike state between wake and sleep. When you drive home in your car, and ask yourself when you get there “did I check the traffic lights?” you’ve been in a trance – a state of hypnosis. When you stare through the TV and don’t hear your partner speaking, that again demonstrates trance; it is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is natural, normal, and powerful. Think how useful it could be to block out everything except what’s in your spotlight of thought, AT WILL?… Not just when you’re staring through the TV. Wouldn’t that be helpful when you’re teeing off on the 1st or putting for eagle on the 18th?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation at one with a state of heightened awareness. You’re not asleep, you’re not knocked out and you cannot be made to do something you don’t want to do. You can hear and you can think. Again, wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to have a relaxed awareness on the golf course? To be able to remain calm inside, but totally aware of what is important at the same time, AND be able to block out unnecessary thoughts and distractions? Just one look at Tiger’s facial expressions and you know how he’s feeling and focusing when he is playing golf.

It seems to be that human nature is that if we’re not achieving the results we desire we must be doing something wrong. We look for something that needs to be fixed. In golf this usually means a fine dissection of our grip, stance, alignment, swing path and so on; followed by a rework of the swing (which may take all year to groove). Very few people think that their swing is basically alright, but they need to focus more clearly, relax more, or begin to think straight.

Returning to the “my swing needs to be fixed” culture, ask yourself “why is this the case?” Because most golfers hit several beautiful shots and a few that weren’t as beautiful – and each time it was the same person who swung the club. How can your golf swing need fixing when that swing hits both beautiful and less than beautiful shots? Ask yourself as well whether you can remember a day when you started on the 1st and hit some really nice shots and you felt yourself thinking “Oh, it’s going well today”?…and your confidence grew, and somehow everything came together and you had a great round of golf? Did your swing need fixing then? Is it your swing or your mind that makes the difference in golf?

Why not spend some time focusing upon your mind instead of the mechanics of golf? You can learn how to change your habitual thoughts with the help of hypnosis downloads. Why do you think the professionals use golf hypnosis? They use golf hypnosis because it works; hypnosis downloads can be used to get you to focus, to stay in the now, to visualize a great swing and to see what you really want to see. You can use golf hypnosis downloads to create a great swing which suits you as an individual.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis cds and hypnosis mp3 downloads.