Hypnosis – How To Cure Your Anxiety In 3 Simple Steps

Hypnosis – How To Cure Your Anxiety In 3 Simple Steps

In today’s competitive world man is always in a state of pressure to perform well and he is always feeling stressed out. He may be stressed at his work place as his workload has increased and he does not know how to cope with it or he may be upset over personal problems. Either his wife doesn’t respond to him in an amicable way or his mother is complaining to him that he does not respond to her calls or pay her a visit, which makes him feel guilty. He may be disturbed on seeing the huge amount on his credit card bill or may be troubled about the leakage problem in his apartment.

These are the common problems that we face and we wish that we had more control over our chaotic lives. Self-Hypnosis will help you to become a calmer and better person, it will help you to clear your thoughts and visualize your dreams. You will find all your tensions and worries melting away and you will become a person who is better adjusted in life and more willing to help others.

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Self –Hypnosis is communicating with your subconscious mind. You negotiate with your own self by controlling your mind. It is not difficult to practice it and there is a basic procedure, which I will explain to you. Follow these instructions step by step:


Find and sit in a comfortable place, which is quiet and ensure you are not disturbed

Inducing Self Hypnosis

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold a few seconds and exhale. As you exhale count down from three to one (3,2,1) and think to yourself “Relax”

To deepen your hypnotic state, take five slow deep breaths. Each time as you exhale, say to yourself: “Deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed”.

Imagine yourself being in a beautiful, calm and ideal place (some people imagine a garden, hill station or a beach or even a quiet place at home)

Now tell yourself: Each day I become more and more relaxed. I am so relaxed so at ease. I now experience life peacefully and tranquilly. I am at peace and I feel in balance and harmony. I now choose to experience life as a tranquil oneness.

Awakening from Hypnosis

To come out of hypnosis, you can count up from one to three and open your eyes. As you start counting tell yourself that you will come out completely alert, refreshed.

Now count from one to three and open your eyes feeling better than before Self-Hypnosis can help you get rid of your stress, fear and anxiety.

Practicing this exercise twice in a day regularly will help you cure your fears, stress and anxiety.

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