Hypnosis Helps Cure Your Jealousy

Jealousy doesn’t often seem unreasonable at first. Your partner or spouse stays late at work for the twelfth time this month. You decide to give them a call, just to see if they want something special when they return home, and there is no answer. You weren’t suspicious before, but the answering machine at the other end gives you a nagging doubt.

That doubt begins to grow when your partner returns home late into the night complaining about all of the tough work they have been doing at the office. You can try to reason away the issue; perhaps he/she went out to grab a bite or a cup of coffee when you called. Maybe he/she was on the phone with an important call and didn’t pick up.

A week later you notice that your partner left their email account open on your home PC. Just to be sure, you think; no real suspicions, but it wouldn’t hurt to check. In some cases, the jealousy spins so out of control that violence in the home is a product.

This is how the jealousy spins out of control. What starts out as small, panging, doubts grows into intrusive violations of privacy. You can sneak a look at email, at all of those text messages, in pockets and clothing doing laundry, and suddenly whether true or not, your jealousy crosses the line into becoming something threatening, in and of itself, to your relationship. If your partner discovers your treachery, they may become quite disheartened and suspicious themselves.

Those feelings, they started out reasonably enough, but how can you keep them under control? Many people feel helpless in this situation and turn to drugs, alcohol and other ways of blocking the feelings. Therapy and hypnotherapy are a way to resolve some of these feelings without turning to unhealthy channels.

The practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy has helped many cope and deal with jealousy. Internationally renowned Licensed Hypnotherapist Terry Doherty works one-on-one with patients throughout Europe offering personally tailored-programmes to treat the range of problems associated with jealousy. His clients offer rave reports of the success achieved by his unique methods. He incorporates hypnosis with personal exploration that allow you to get to the root of your issues and problems. Terry can give you the tools that will help you reconcile the initial pangs of jealousy so that you can deal with them constructively and in a healthy manner.

During your sessions, you may work with visualisation, picturing and feeling how you want to be. This can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. These positive thoughts and improved self-image will make you better able to cope with situations where your jealousy previously might have twisted out of control, and dissolve those horrible feelings.

These positive thoughts will help you not only in the relationship aspect of your life, but in other areas as well. Instead of focusing all of your energy and thought on your relationship and jealousy you have time and energy to focus on your career, your hobbies, and your interests.